STEM Saturday: Sledding with Newton’s Laws

Ever since the first bit of powder hit the ground, my children have been unable to go day without sledding down the hill in our backyard at least once, if not continually for several hours. But all this outdoor play, all this connection with nature, it isn’t just physical exercise. And it isn’t just good for morale either. It is a true opportunity for hands-on learning.
You see, children are better able to grasp new concepts when they have experienced them first hand.
And sledding just happens to be an excellent way to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Sledding with Newton's Laws


On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #10

Winter is upon us. LittleMan and SunnyGirl have been enjoying sledding down the small hill in our backyard and there is talk of putting up the Christmas tree soon.
One of my favorite classic winter decorations is the humble paper snowflake. A great exercise in creativity, an excellent way to study symmetry and early multiplication, as well as being fun fine motor practice. For the little ones, a simple circle with some triangles and diamonds cut out is wonderful, but the older we get the more complex our designs tend to become. This year I decided to take a little extra time and design our snowflakes after some of the symbols we find in the Harry Potter universe. It took a bit of time but I’ve made my designs into a simple template so that all you Potterheads can recreate these snowflakes to decorate your own windows at home with.
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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #9

Awhile back I shared our handprint Yoda and I mentioned that there were other Star Wars handprint crafts in the works. Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of one of our other Star Wars handprint crafts. All you need to make this is some white or grey paint, construction paper (I used black to get a strong contrast for these pictures but you can use something different.), and a Sharpie marker.

Start off by painting your child’s hand like so:
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DIY Home Recycling Station – Free Printable Recycling Bin Labels

About two months ago LittleMan took a tour of a local recycling center with one of his homeschool groups. Ever since that field trip LittleMan has been reminding us constantly to watch what we put in the trash and make sure we recycle everything we can. Given his increased interest in recycling, we thought it would be a good time to put together a recycling station in our own home.
Home Recycling Center (42)

Keep reading for details of our field trip, the directions to make your own recycling station, and free printable recycling bin labels. (more…)

STEM Saturday: Ears and Sound

For the fans of Saturday Science, do not be dismayed! Saturday Science is alive and well, my co-hosts and I have merely expanded the theme to create STEM Saturdays. For those who are unaware, STEM is short for Science Technology Engineering and Math. Four subjects which are crucial to our children in this ever changing world. Four subjects which are sorely lacking in many people’s education.

As I talked about before, LittleMan recently had a run in with some beans in the ears which required general anesthesia and a specialist in order to remove them. It wasn’t on the original lesson plan to learn about the anatomy of the ear nor how sound travels but sitting in the doctor’s office surrounded by models and posters of the various parts of the middle and inner ear, it seemed like a good time to talk about these things. LittleMan understandably had a lot of questions and the one activity that seemed to help him the most was this model ear.

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When Kids Get Hurt: Dealing with the Mom Guilt

Earlier this week LittleMan put dry black beans inside of his ears. Those beans became stuck, requiring a him to be put under general anesthesia to have them removed by a otolaryngologist. I learned quite a bit through this experience. I learned about insurance policies, about the anatomy of the inner ear, and about various symptoms of mild allergies (such as itchy ears). Mostly I learned, or rather re-learned, what type of mom I want to be.

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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #8

There was a time when the term “geek” wasn’t something that people proudly proclaimed. A time when someone called you a geek and it was hurtful. They were saying you didn’t belong, you were weird.

Now days being a called a geek isn’t an insult, nor is being a geek a lonely experience the way it once was.

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Geek Sensory Bin Giveaway (and other geeky prizes!)

I’m excited to be teaming up with several other Geek-Parent bloggers to bring to you this geeky giveaway blog hop.
Basically, we each have a giveaway going on and you can follow the links at the bottom of this post to see all the various prizes and enter to win the ones you want.
The prize I’m offering up is a travel-friendly geek sensory bin (giveaway open only to those in the continental US) but there is also geeky jewelry, geeky printables, and even some fancy geeky chocolate which I’ve been told is delicious.
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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #7

When I was a little girl in school, I remember everyone in my class having a caterpillar on the wall. Every time we read a book, we got to add a segment to our caterpillar. It was so fun to watch those caterpillars grow and grow.
Not every child cares for caterpillars though. And even those that do may not find caterpillars to be particularly motivating.
There is one thing though that this generation does understand: the thrill of unlocking an achievement in a video game.
Encourage Your Gamer to READ with Free Printable Achievements for Every Book They Finish (more…)

How-To Write a Halloween Story

LittleMan is 5 years old and, like many homeschooled children, he is advanced in the subjects he is most passionate about. If you were to discuss science with him, you might be surprised to find that he grasps concepts that are difficult for the average third grader. However, you only need to look at his reading and writing to realize that he’s a typical 5 year old with both strengths and weaknesses. Writing science reports and also writing his own stories about topics of interest to him have been our best methods for encouraging our reluctant writer.
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