Wild Kratts Birthday Party

February is a big month for our family, as both LittleMan and SunnyGirl’s birthdays are in February. Every year I give them the option of a big joint party, or separate smaller parties. This year they opted to have a joint Wild Kratts birthday party.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party at Preuss Pets

With a Wild Kratts theme, there was only one place that seemed fitting to have our birthday party: Preuss Pets. (more…)

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Favors and Free Printable

One of the many fun aspects of throwing a children’s party is deciding on the guests’ party favors. These little trinkets and toys that they take home are not just a memento of the fun they’ve had at the party, but also a way of continuing the fun at home.
I like to think I’ve got a good track record, from my “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think” Kit at our Dr Suess party to my Sugar Skull Dolls at our Halloween party.

My latest party favor idea, for our Wild Kratts birthday party, has to be one of my all time favorites.

Wild Kratts Party Favors (1) (more…)

Moms: We’re in This Together!

Moms, We are in this TOGETHER

I have beliefs about what is best for my family, and I stand by my parenting decisions even if they are different from yours.
But you will never hear me tell you that you are wrong for doing things differently than I do.
Telling other women how to parent their children isn’t something that I do, and its not something my friends do either.

Maybe I’m just lucky that I’ve met a lot of women who didn’t feel the need to argue over our differences of opinion. Or maybe my friends are all non-judgmental because I don’t tolerate people who try to tell me what I’m doing wrong when they haven’t been asked. In either case, I’ve seen a lot of real life examples of how moms can positively effect one another’s lives when they don’t let themselves get hung up on all the things they disagree on. (more…)

Free Printable Wild Kratts Birthday Party Invitation

Since I am ridiculously cheap, er, I mean, frugal, I decided to make my own birthday party invitations rather than buying pre-made.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Invitation (1) (more…)

DIY Life-Size Tortuga Tutorial

DIY Tortuga Tutorial

For SunnyGirl’s birthday, we wanted to give her a life-size Tortuga, just like in her favorite show, Wild Kratts. (more…)

DIY Wild Kratts Creature Power Suits

We are in the midst of planning a Wild Kratts party for LittleMan and SunnyGirl’s combined birthdays.
Wild Kratts Gloves (2)
Part of the party favor that the other children will receive are creature power suit gloves. (more…)

Homeschooling is Good for Public Education

Those who follow me on Facebook may have noticed that I recently shared a Wired article by Jason Tanz about techie homeschool families in Silicon Valley. While I didn’t agree with everything Mr. Tanz wrote, I appreciated the way his interviewees responded to questions about homeschooling. Much of the reasonings and rationale behind my decision to homeschool was similar to that of a mother featured in his article.

the worst argument against homeschooling 1

Today I read an article written in response to that first article I shared on Facebook. Coincidentally, the response article was also published on Wired, this time by a Marcus Wohlsen. Mr. Wohlsen’s take on homeschooling is very simple, it boils down to this: homeschoolers are wrong for pulling their children out of the broken public school system rather than taking the time to try and fix the system for everyone’s children.


On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #20

LittleMan and I were reading one of his many dinosaur books when he noticed a map at the top corner of the page, a map of Pangaea.

Intrigued by the idea that the seven continents of the world all used to be one large super continent, LittleMan began to describe a story. He told of how he used the Wild Kratts’ time travel trampoline to jump back in time and see Pangaea for himself. I suggested that a lot of people might want to travel Pangaea as well, and that we could make travel brochures to advertise a tourist trip.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (1)

For this project we used construction paper, crayons, a map of Pangaea, and our imaginations. (more…)

Wild Kratts Birthday Fort

I am really excited to be taking part in Building Blocks and Acorns’ Fort Building Challenge. All this month bloggers like me are building themed forts at home with their children and sharing them online. Since both LittleMan and SunnyGirl have February birthdays, I built a birthday fort. And since they are having a Wild Kratts party, it is a special Wild Kratts birthday fort.

Wild Kratts Birthday (7) (more…)

Gross Motor Valentines Activities for Parties or Homeschool Gym Days

We are members of a couple different local homeschool groups. One of our groups meets monthly for “gym day” which is basically just a time when the children can run off some energy with their peers in a safe, enclosed area. Of course free play is encouraged on gym days but we also supply activities to entertain the children. Because gym days are a monthly event, we try to keep supplies and prep time to a minimum. This month was February so we planned a Valentines theme to our activities.

Gross Motor Activities for February Homeschool Gym Day (more…)