On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #7

When I was a little girl in school, I remember everyone in my class having a caterpillar on the wall. Every time we read a book, we got to add a segment to our caterpillar. It was so fun to watch those caterpillars grow and grow.
Not every child cares for caterpillars though. And even those that do may not find caterpillars to be particularly motivating.
There is one thing though that this generation does understand: the thrill of unlocking an achievement in a video game.
Encourage Your Gamer to READ with Free Printable Achievements for Every Book They Finish (more…)

How-To Write a Halloween Story

LittleMan is 5 years old and, like many homeschooled children, he is advanced in the subjects he is most passionate about. If you were to discuss science with him, you might be surprised to find that he grasps concepts that are difficult for the average third grader. However, you only need to look at his reading and writing to realize that he’s a typical 5 year old with both strengths and weaknesses. Writing science reports and also writing his own stories about topics of interest to him have been our best methods for encouraging our reluctant writer.
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Halloween Discovery Bottles

It has been a long time since we made any discovery bottles however this Halloween has provided us with the perfect excuse to throw some together!
Dollar Tree sells small jars of peanut butter which are short and round and just right for making pumpkin or jack-o-lantern discovery bottles.
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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #6

The following is my un-bias review of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders board game. Both pros and cons will be covered as well as my personal recommendation to buy or not to buy.
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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #5

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am always on the look out for new ways to play and learn with pumpkins. We have been interested in the brain quite a bit lately, and have especially enjoyed making brain hats. It occurred the me the other day that brain hats we’ve been making, if slightly altered, could be used as a pumpkin carving template. Once I made this realization, the rest was too easy.
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How To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

The prevention of sexual abuse in children is an important yet uncomfortable topic. We can not allow ourselves to avoid discussion and education on this matter. We can not spare ourselves awkward moments now only to risk a life time of hurt and pain for our children.
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We Need A Zero Tolerance Homeschool Community

This morning an alarming article was shared in one of my local homeschool Facebook groups. I clicked on it not quite knowing what I was in for, and I ended up suffering the rest of my day from reading it.
I, like many survivors, experience physical and emotional symptoms when triggered. Triggers vary from person to person, but a common trigger is to read or hear details of another’s abuse. I am not angry that the person who shared the article did not put a trigger warning on it. I was glad to have read the article despite the state I was in upon finishing it.
That said, I am going to advise those reading this that the following paragraphs and the article I link to may be triggering. If when you finish reading you intend to share this post, as I hope you will, then please let those you share it with also know that this could be triggering.

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On Beyond Zombie Linky Party #4

I’ve written before about how any activity could be made into a Doctor Who activity, if only a little creativity is applied. A few extra moments of thought, barely any extra effort, can take a normal homeschool lesson and turn it into something a little Whovian would love. Today I’m going to expand on that idea by sharing the exact same activity I shared last week, Make a Vortex in a Jar, only this time I’m going to show you how easy it is to make it into a DW themed activity.
How To Make a Time Vortex (1)
Just like last time, you’ll still need a clear jar or bottle with a lid, water, glitter, and dish soap. This time you’ll also want some blue food dye, super glue, Sharpie marker, and blue craft foam. (more…)

Sight Word Tree Craft

LittleMan used to have a large sight word tree made from a cut branch in our old apartment, but the homeschool room in our new house is mostly windows so there just isn’t the wall space for that again. I got around the lack of wall space by using a display board to create this sight word tree craft.

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Tot School Phonics Activity

SunnyGirl loves to play with big brother’s school supplies. This is one of those times when digging through LittleMan’s literacy supply drawer wonder resulted in using old materials in new ways.
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