The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors

Welcome back for another installment of our collaborative toddler series. This week Kristan, of Munchkin and Bean, and I are talking all about toddlers in nature!

If you look through this site enough, see all the fun activities we do, then you might get the wrong idea about my children CONSTANTLY having something to do, some activity planned out for them. What I don’t often take the time to show is what my kids do when left to their own devices, and I should share that because it is crucial to their development.
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To Homeschool does NOT mean to Abuse

This morning, as I do most every morning, I turned on my computer and clicked on Google Chrome and brought up the various news and social media sites that plug me in with the rest of the world. Tab after tab of my browser showed startling headlines.
Apparently yet another child abuser has labelled themselves a “homeschooler” and, in doing so, has given homeschool skeptics more ammunition for their arsenal.
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Interview with The Inappropriate Homeschooler

Having been a personal fan of The Inappropriate Homeschooler since LittleMan was a preschooler, back when I was still on the fence about homeschooling, I am really super excited about today’s interview.  I just couldn’t pass up the chance to pick Mari Beth’s brain and share her awesomeness with my readers!
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Motor Activities Using Pom Poms

Giving Children Beautiful Materials to Create With

My children, like many children, enjoy art. More specifically, they enjoy creating and crafting art with their own two hands. When I first started to supply my children with art supplies, I stuck with items from the children’s aisle of the hobby shop. It seemed natural to me, since those were the items that were specifically advertised for children. As time went on though, I began to realize that I wasn’t doing them any favors by limiting them to cheap craft kits and low quality supplies.
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Letting Kids Do Hard Things

There is a certain lazy acceptance in our society, a certain belief that children are helpless or incapable. We don’t give children responsibilities and we certainly don’t let them struggle to complete a task that we could easily do for them. We underestimate our children, and as a direct result, they underestimate themselves.
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Saturday Science: Dissolution

After last week’s osmosis demonstration, I thought it would be fun to show the opposite. Instead of joining together, we are breaking apart. We are dissolving.
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Interview with a Homeschool Dad #2

Today we are hearing from Frank Maier, the father of two successful young women whom he and his wife unschooled for the bulk of their education (minus a bit of time when his younger daughter experimented with public and private schooling but quickly grew bored and returned home). Frank’s daughters are now 20 and 21, they currently retain 4.0 and 3.9 GPA’s at the community college in which they attend and they will be transferring to larger universities in the coming year.
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Little Leafers Nature Study E-Course, Week Six

Welcome to week five of our Little Leafers Nature Study E-Course. This class is available free to print from Suzy Homeschooler and is geared towards summer learning fun for children aged 3-8.
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What does Homeschooling REALLY Look Like?

At the beginning of this past school year I somehow had the delusion that I’d have a Pinterest-perfect homeschool. I’d read all the homeschool blogs, the advice articles, the how-to books. I was educated on the matter. I knew the mistakes that most first year homeschoolers made and how to avoid them.

Yes, this first year homeschooling was going to be splendid.

And then….reality check.
Life is messy. Things don’t always go as planned.
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