Three Fun Ideas for Snow Theme Week

Three Fun Ideas for Snow Theme Week from Suzy Homeschooler
If you happen to be lucky enough to have snow outside, you might consider bringing some of it in to play with. We always love a sensory bin of real snow for some penguin small world play. Another fun way to play with snow inside is to make a little preschool snow lab.
I made this lab by setting out a muffin tin of various ingredients I had in my cupboard along with a muffin tin of snow balls and a few bowls for mixing. The children waste no time in getting messy down to business.

Incidentally, if you don’t happen to have a real snow outside, then you can purchase¬†Insta-Snow¬†to make some. I’ve seen it sold in the floral aisle of Hobby Lobby.
Three Fun Ideas for Snow Theme Week 4

I’d seen milk jug snowmen all over Pinterest but originally I saw them at Free Fun Christmas. The concept seemed simple enough, just poke a hole in the bottom of an empty milk jug, fill it with Christmas lights, and decorate like a snowman. I decided to take it a step further and use 3 milk jugs to make a full snowman, not just a snowman head.
Three Fun Ideas for Snow Theme Week 2
I unfortunately didn’t take pictures of the process but the basic idea is simple enough. I used Sam’s Club milk jugs since they already had indentations on the bottom, perfect for stacking stability. First I cut holes in the center of the bottom on two milk jugs (these would be the top two), on the third milk jug I cut a hole on the back near the bottom (this would be the bottom jug). I threaded the lights through the top and then the bottom of the first milk jug, I continued to thread the lights through until 2/3rds of the strand was hanging out the bottom of the milk jug. Then I pushed the last 1/3 of the strand into the top jug to stay. I began the process again, threading the lights through the top and bottom of the middle milk jug, stopping when 1/3rd of the strand was hanging out the bottom of the jug. Then I pushed the 1/3rd of the strand sitting between the top and middle jug into the middle jug to stay. I used a few pieces of clear packaging tape to secure the top two jugs together. Then I threaded the last 1/3rd of the strand into the bottom jug and secured it to the middle jug with clear packaging tape as well.
Finally it was time to decorate. LittleMan helped me pick out buttons, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner mouth, scarf from our winter gear bin, and hat from the dress up closet. We attached the eyes, mouth, and buttons with double sided mounting tape. We cut a nose from adhesive backed paper.


Our snowman sensory bin is one of the simplest sensory bins I’ve ever created but also one of the favorites of both children.
I used plain rice and made it about an inch deeper than I normally would in the bin. I used pompoms for eyes, rolled a sheet of orange construction paper into a cone and flattened it for the nose, and a pipe cleaner for the mouth. I included two gloves, one on top and another buried unseen in the rice.
The glove with fingers was used much like a cup, the fingerless glove was used much like a funnel.
Three fun Ideas for Snow Theme Week 3

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