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***  The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Workshop is closed.
Check out The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book, based off the workshop.  ***


“How do you unschool?”

This is a question I hear quite frequently. Overwhelmed homeschool parents who feel stifled by their boxed curriculum often look to unschooling as a possible solution to their everyday battles against the lesson plan. Frustrated public school parents who want more freedom for their children and their family also tend to see unschooling as an appealing route. But how does one unschool?

How do you know you’re doing it the “right way?”
How do ensure that your children are learning and growing and thriving in their unschool lives?


If you’re new to unschooling, and you’re not quite certain that its working for your children, you might wonder if there is something you could be doing differently. Something to help them get on or stay on the right educational path.

Whatever your situation is, you’re not alone in it.
There are countless American moms and dads just like you, struggling to figure out what to do for their children. We all want what is best for our children, but with each child having unique individual needs, what is best can be difficult to determine.


That’s why I’m here to help.
I was once the nervous new unschooling parent. I remember the worry that I wasn’t doing enough, that my children would never learn everything they needed to learn.
My family found its way and our unschooling experience has turned out to be wholly positive. Yours can be too!

30 Day Unschool Challenge, a FREE workshop from Suzy Homeschooler, July 2016 (2)

***  The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Workshop is closed.
Check out The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book, based off the workshop.  ***

I have created a 30 day workshop that is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

All you need to participate is a valid email address, a notebook, a pencil, and a few minutes a day to write.

This workshop is completely 100% FREE. I won’t try to sell you anything! I just want to help. Because I’ve been there too.


Everyday throughout the month of July 2016 you’ll receive ONE daily email with a link to that day’s exercises.
– I won’t sell your email address to a third party.
– I won’t spam you with a bunch of things you don’t want.
– I will only send you the one daily email link to the Unschool Challenge workshop material for that day.


“But what if I fall behind?”
No worries! Life happens and if you miss a day or two or even a week, the emails will still be there. The links will be valid until September 2016 so you have plenty of time to catch up.
This is a resource meant to help you. Not to be a source of additional stress in your life. So relax, go at your own pace.


The workshop is broken up into three separate phases:

Phase One –

During phase one, you will be a quiet observer. Before we can take action, before we can make any positive changes, we must first step back to access the situation in full. There maybe some things that you find problematic which, once looked at on a broader scale, you no longer feel the need to worry about. There maybe some other areas that you were unconcerned about before but now would like to address once you’ve played the role of fly on the wall. No one knows your children better than you but even moms and dads can get caught up, living in the trenches, day to day. So before we do anything else, we must observe things from a new perspective.

Phase Two –

During phase two, you will be implementing subtle changes to your unschool environment. One small action a day that will inevitably lead to natural learning for your child. This is when we roll our sleeves up and get in there. This is when we put to use those observations we made during phase one. Don’t worry, its not going to be hard! We’re all parents, we’re all busy people. These changes are going to be small, they are going to be doable for the average parent who has 101 other things going on in their day.

Phase Three –

During phase three, you will be observing the changes in your child and creating a game plan for going forward. Phase three is all about taking the knowledge you’ve learned from this workshop and using it to set your family up for continued success in the future. We’ll talk about setting and achieving long term goals. You’ll collect resources and build a support system for your unschool within your family dynamic. At the end of the 30 days you will feel confident and joyful about your decision to unschool your children.


“How do I sign-up?”
Fill out this simple two question form below, letting us know your email address (required) and your name (optional). Get yourself a notebook and pencil handy, and be on the look out for that first workshop email link on July 1st, 2016.

***  The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Workshop is closed.
Check out The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book, based off the workshop.  ***

30 Day Unschool Challenge, a FREE workshop from Suzy Homeschooler, July 2016 (1)

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2 Comments to Sign-Up for the 30 Day Unschool Challenge

  1. Esther says:

    Oh, what a shame, I’m too late!I’ve been wanting to unschool for ages, got agreement with my son’s father on Thursday! What a fab challenge, I hope it went well :/

  2. T. Hall says:

    Yeah. It’s disappointing to miss it, isn’t it?

    Perhaps the author should update the page so no more hearts will be broken. Lol.

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