5 Bath Paint Recipes and 5 Theme Baths We Used Them In (Also Known as My Quest to Find the Perfect Bath Paint)

If you are a pinner and a mom of young children then you may have seen these theme baths that have been floating around the blogosphere. In case you haven’t, the jist of it is this: its doing an activity based on a theme or an idea, in the bathtub before actually getting washed up. Usually it involves some form of controlled mess such as bubbles or paint. Which brings me to the point of this post, bath paint recipes.

There are dozens -DOZENS- of bath paint recipes on the web. So far I’ve only tried five.

1.) From Mamas Like Me this recipe calls for liquid soap, cornstarch, and food coloring. It was easy to whip up, and a great consistency for painting. The only downside is that it must be mixed at most a few hours before using. The same could be said of almost all the bath paints I’ve tried (only exceptions being #4 and #5 on this list), but still, I like being able to prepare an activity at night to use the next day. You can’t do that with this paint because the cornstarch will settle to the bottom and it will have to be re-mixed.

We used this paint in our kitchen themed bath. The kids played with measuring cups, colanders, colored ice cubes, and toy food.

Themed Bath 1 from Suzy Homeschooler

2.) From Bath Activities for Kids this recipe is simply shaving cream and koolaide. Downside, you may want to add a drop or two of food coloring to make it more vibrant. Upside, after LittleMan had painted with this our bathroom looked like a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street and smelled of cherries. It. Was. Fully. Awesome.

We used paint #2 in our red bath. Doesn’t sound like much of a theme but its been one of our most successful baths yet. Red paint, red ice cubes, red cup, red bowl, red balls, red balloons, red legos- everything red.

Themed Bath 2 from Suzy Homeschooler

3.) From Bath Activities for Kids this recipe calls for baby powder, liquid soap, and food coloring. It was abit too thick to be a decent paint. I suppose one could water it down a little, but following the recipe, I found it to be too thick. Instead of being smooth with applied to the wall, it globed up in little balls. That said it is a good “baby’s first” paint recipe as all the ingredients are gentle on skin and eyes.

We used this paint in our garden bugs and planting themed bath, you can read more about this bath HERE [click].

Garden Themed Bath from Suzy Homeschooler (1)

4.) Growing A Jeweled Rose suggested that instead of using traditional bath paint, why not use children’s washable tempera paint? So we gave it a go and we found it to be very easy and pleasant. Pros are a great color, great consistency, NO prep time (no measuring, no mixing). Pretty much no downside. It was easier to wash off the walls than I expected.

We used the tempera paints in our Red Skull vs Captain America bath, which you can read more about HERE [click].

Captain America vs Red Skull Bath from Suzy Homeschooler (1)

5.) Most recently I tried this recipe from Spokane Kids Calendar which like #1 on this list calls for liquid soap and food coloring, however unlike #1 there is no cornstarch. As you might expect, this paint was runny. I liked the color and ease. I loved being able to mix it up the day before and not worry about prepping it immediately before bathtime. Only downside, it was runny.

You can see how runny it is in our rain theme bath. The rain drops just don’t look right, all drippy. But LittleMan didn’t seem to mind. You can read more about our rain theme bath HERE [click].

Rain Theme Bath from Suzy Homeschooler (3)

All in all I’ve liked all the bath paint recipes we’ve tried thus far. They’ve all served their purpose well enough. The only one I absolutely loved and can’t wait to do again was the shaving cream and koolaide paint.

And so I will continue my quest, trying new bath paint recipes as I find them, until I have found the perfect bath paint. I’m guessing I’ll know I’ve found it when a maid pops out of the drain to clean the tub walls after the children have finished playing.

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