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DIY Outdoor Balance Scale

One of the things the children loved most about last year’s backyard make-over was the balance scale we made for them to play with.
Our original balance scale was created using an old clothes hanger, a couple empty soda bottles, and some duct tape. And while it worked well enough, I thought it was time to upgrade to something a little more visually appealing and also a little more durable.

Balance Scale (1)


Outdoor Abacus

Last year we installed a large abacus between two trees using pool noodles and, while useful, it was a bit too far from the hot-spots in the yard. So this year we’ve installed a smaller abacus nearer to the mud kitchen area.

Abacus (1)


Outdoor Magnetic Board

One of the main staples of most any classroom is the board.
A chalk board. A dry erase board. There always seems to be some sort of board.
Teachers diagram concepts for their pupils. Students practice their sight words and solve large math problems.
All at the board.

Outdoor Magnetic Board (1)


Outdoor Small World Play Area

Small world play is an excellent tool in the development of well-rounded children. They act out stories they’ve read (or had read to them), they act out social situations and practice handling emotions, they make up their own stories and exercise their creative muscle.
Having an outdoor small world play area just adds to the benefits. The sensory experience of real plants and dirt, the fresh air and sun on their skin. No doubt about it an outdoor small world play area, or “fairy garden,” is a childhood must-have.

Small World Play Area (1)


Construction Zone Outdoor Play Area

Our quite the collection of Tonka cars. So much so that I decided to re-locate half of their collection to our outdoor classroom. Many of their Tonka cars are construction vehicles, which inspired me to create a construction play area for them.

Construction Zone (1)


Outdoor Water Wall

In the hot summer months, playing with water is an excellent way to cool off, but I don’t always have the ability to fill up the paddling pools for them to have a dip. A water wall is a great compromise, a way to play in water and cool off, but without all the prep work and hassle of filling and emptying their pools.

Outdoor Water Wall (1)


Outdoor Music Station

Kids are noisy. Kids love being noisy. And outside is a great place for them to be as noisy as they want.

Which is why, for three years now, I have dedicated a portion of our outdoor area to having a music station.
It started off as a miniature music wall on our apartment patio, then a larger music wall in our backyard. Now we have expanded it even further.

Outdoor Music Station (1)


Outdoor Ball Area

We’re in the middle of re-vamping our backyard and building a newer, better outdoor classroom. But that doesn’t mean we’re ditching all our old stuff. We had a ball area in our old outdoor classroom, but there was room for improvement.

Outdoor Ball Area


The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors

Welcome back for another installment of our collaborative toddler series. This week Kristan, of Munchkin and Bean, and I are talking all about toddlers in nature!

If you look through this site enough, see all the fun activities we do, then you might get the wrong idea about my children CONSTANTLY having something to do, some activity planned out for them. What I don’t often take the time to show is what my kids do when left to their own devices, and I should share that because it is crucial to their development.
The Benefits of Being Bored Outdoors (4) (more…)