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How to Train Your Dragon Sensory Bin

LittleMan asked me to put together a fan club for his favorite book series, How to Train Your Dragon.
I designed many games and activities for the club, but I knew it was inevitable that we would have some of our members who would want a more open-ended activity.

How to Train Your Dragon Low Mess Sensory Bin (1)

A sensory bin seemed like a sensible option, since it can entertain children of varying ages. I was concerned that most sensory bins can be a bit messy, and we were renting a library room to host our fan club. So I had to make sure that the sensory bin materials were easily cleaned up and low mess. (more…)

Geek Sensory Bin Giveaway (and other geeky prizes!)

I’m excited to be teaming up with several other Geek-Parent bloggers to bring to you this geeky giveaway blog hop.
Basically, we each have a giveaway going on and you can follow the links at the bottom of this post to see all the various prizes and enter to win the ones you want.
The prize I’m offering up is a travel-friendly geek sensory bin (giveaway open only to those in the continental US) but there is also geeky jewelry, geeky printables, and even some fancy geeky chocolate which I’ve been told is delicious.
Travel Friendly Geek Sensory Bin Giveaway from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Sensory Bins

* Non-Seasonal *
Geek Sensory Bin
TARDIS Sensory Bin
Big Cat Sensory Bin

Frog Sensory Bin
Giant Panda Sensory Bin
Kangaroo Sensory Bin
Dog Sensory Bin
Farm Animal Sensory Bin
Sensory Bin Challenge – Rice
Tinkerbell Sensory Bin
Play Doctor Sensory Bin
Cake Mix Sensory Bin
Peach Sensory Bin
Star Wars Sensory Bins
Green Sensory Bin
Letter C Sensory Bins
Small World Sensory Bins
Captain America Sensory Bin
Greek Mythology Sensory Bins

* Autumn *
Halloween -at Word Sensory Bin
Autumn Sensory Bins
Monster Sensory Bin
The Grossest Sensory Bin I Ever Created
Zombie Defrost Sensory Bin
Pumpkin Guts Sensory Bin
Nightmare Before Christmas Sensory Bin

* Winter *
Snowman Sensory Bin
A Christmas Sensory Exploration
Winter Town Sensory Bin
Icicle Sensory Bin
Valentine Sensory Bin

* Spring *
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin
Paper Butterfly Sensory Bin
Flower Sensory Bins
Butterfly Sensory Bins
Magnetic Easter Sensory Bin

* Summer *
Patriotic Sensory Bin
Ocean Sensory Bin

* Sensory Bins Based on Books *
Night Monkey Day Monkey Sensory Bin
Put Me in the Zoo Sensory Bin
The Lorax Fruit Loop Sensory Bin