Any Whovian knows that an Adipose is an adorable chubby white blob, but did you know that they were named for the actual fatty tissues in our bodies?

Adipose tissue, familiarly known as fat, is the organ specialized for that task. (site) The cells that make up adipose tissue are called adipocyte, and along with all the other typical cell parts, they also have a fat storage area. These cells swell with fat until energy is needed, then the fat is burned off.

A is for Adipose, the ABCs of Raising Geeklings (1) 

If you’re interested in cute little chubby blob adipose, Crafty Tardis has an excellent adipose tutorial. Materials needed are white fleece, white and black embroidery thread, white thread, and a sewing machine.
If you’re not so crafty, then you can buy a premade adipose. This premade adipose has 5 star reviews on Amazon.

If you’re interested in the science behind adipose tissue, then you may consider making an edible adipocyte model.

This edible adipocyte model is made in a similar way to the edible plant and animal cells we’ve written about before.

To make it you’ll need a bagel or toast cut into a circle, some cream cheese or other spread, and various fresh veggies cut into a variety of shapes (fat and round, long and thin, etc..)

A is for Adipose, the ABCs of Raising Geeklings (2)

The process is pretty simple, just smear your cream cheese on the bagel, decide what veggies represent what parts of the cell, and put it together. Here is a basic adipocyte model you can use for reference. Because bagels have a hole cut into the middle I suggest covering that hole with something larger, like cucumber slices, which can be either a nucleus or part of the fat reservoir.

A is for Adipose, the ABCs of Raising Geeklings (3)


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  1. I love your veggie model! All the other models I have seen like this were made using candy 🙂

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