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Our local homeschool group has a monthly gathering during the autumn/winter/spring months which we refer to as “gym day.” The primary purpose of these gym days are social, though we try to provide the children with many gross motor activities and a few crafts. One such craft for our most recent super hero themed gym day was to write and illustrate an All About Super Me book.

Super Hero Crafts Free Printable All About Super Me Book

To make your own All About Super Me book, all you need are some crayons or colored pencils as well as printer paper and a stapler, and of course the All About Super Me print out which is available for free download at the following link:
Free Printable All About Super Me Book

Once you’ve downloaded and printed out your All About Super Me book, you’ll need to assemble it.
To do so, simply fold each page of the printable in half along the middle black line.
Stack the pages in order, and staple the unfolded edges to form a spine.

Each page has a short writing prompt and plenty of space for your child to draw a corresponding picture.

The pages of the book read as follows:
All About Super Me (cover)
My secret identity is [insert child’s name here]
My super alter ego is [insert super hero name here]
My power is [insert power here]
I got my powers when [insert origin story here]
My arch nemesis is [insert evil villain’s name here]
Our greatest battle was [insert story here]
(blank back cover)

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