Free Printable Animal Tracks Cards

Its summer time again, and that means another year of nature study.

For families like ours who like to go hiking, its likely you’ll see some tracks along the way that you may not always recognize.

Free Printable Animal Tracks Cards 

I created these cards to help LittleMan and SunnyGirl identify some of the tracks we see most often on our nature walks: coyote, deer, fox, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, snake, turkey, and turtle.

Simply download the Free Printable Animal Tracks Pack (click here), print on cardstock, cut along the black lines, and laminate if desired.

Present the cards to your children on a tray, much like you would do with traditional Montessori nomenclature cards, and allow them to match them up.

Little Leafers Week 1 Animal Tracks (1)

While the cards are not traditional nomenclature cards, they are Montessori inspired and self-correcting.

Little Leafers Week 1 Animal Tracks (2) Perhaps with a bit of practice, your children might start to recognize other signs of animals in the area such as scratches on trees of even droppings. LittleMan has had quite a bit of experience with tracking the deer in our area and it never ceases to thrill him.

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