Apartment Friendly Window Easel

Art is crucial to early childhood development. Art outside, in my opinion, is all the better. I had really hoped to create a large window easel but we just don’t have the space so re-thought my plans and realized that, besides being able to fit into our small space easier, a smaller easel would also require less work and less money. All I needed was a clear plastic sign holder similar to this (click).
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (1)
I purchased mine for $4 from Walmart however I’ve since seen them for $1 at Dollar Tree.
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (4)
The first time it was offered to him, LittleMan was intrigued by the prospect of being able to see through his art.
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (5)
But after only 6 minutes he ran off to play soccer leaving the easel barely touched.
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (13)
I thought we were done for the day and was about to clean it up but then SunnyGirl came up.
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (22)
She proceeded to paint on this tiny easel for over 25 minutes!
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (29)
Towards the end of her session she moved the easel onto the grass and abandoned the paint brush to use her fingers.
We have used the easel twice since this first session and each time both children seem quite pleased with it.

If you happen to have the time, money, and space available for a larger easel then I recommend these for inspiration:
Outdoor Easel from Fantastic Fun and Learning
DIY Window Easel from Teach Preschool
Easel (and other DIY sensory furniture) from Play at Home Mom

I am planning on up-grading to something slightly larger in the spring but for now this is working brilliantly and the children are both loving it.

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