Autumn Leaf Art

Here is a super fun, super easy art activity that children aged preschool-late elementary would probably enjoy.
Autumn Leaf Art (1)
All you need is leaves, white paper, a white crayon, and some water color paints.
First you make a leaf rubbing with the white crayon on the white paper. If you’ve never made a leaf rubbing before, it is super easy. Just put the leaf down on a solid surface such as a table, then lay the paper over it. Scribble back and forth lightly with the crayon on the paper over top of the leaf, and the various delicate textures of the leaf will be captured onto the paper.

With a traditional leaf rubbing, you’d be using a different color crayon so it’d be easier to see how the image was coming along. Since you’re using a white crayon, it’ll be a bit more tricky to make sure you’ve got all the corners and whatnot but do your best.


Once you’re done with your leaf rubbing, you can put your leaf and crayon aside. Bring out your watercolor paints and paint brush. Paint over top of the leaf rubbing and see what happens.
Autumn Leaf Art (2)
Just beautiful isn’t it!
Autumn Leaf Art (3)
For the younger children, you may need to prep the activity by making the leaf rubbing for them. Older children might enjoy patterning the leaves and making the rubbing themselves.
You could also make this a bit more educational by having them label the parts of a leaf on their artwork, or having them identify the type of tree the leaf came from.

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