Little Leafers Autumn Nature Study

Little Leafers Nature Study is a year-round class, divided by season, created by Suzy Homeschooler.

You could be a parent with just one or two informal pupils, or you could be a co-op instructor with two dozen children under-foot. Either way, this is a flexible course that you can bend to fit your unique needs.

Little Leafers Nature Study Autumn Session

The autumn session is 6 weeks long. Each week has printable student packs with nature journal prompts, illustrated nature guides, fun facts, and vocabulary words. Each week also has printable teacher’s guides with subject related tips, lectures, discussion prompts, Montessori-inspired tray work, and a suggested craft.

One of the main aspects of Little Leafers is the nature journal. Every week the printable student pack is full of illustrated nature guides, fun fact, vocabulary lists, etc.. Each student gets their own nature journal binder. All you as the teacher has to do is print out one student pack per student, hole punch the pages, and put them in the binder! Children add their own illustrations and observations to their nature journal throughout the course of the class, and at the end of the 6 weeks they get to take home a fun resource that they can continue to use and learn from.

Little Leafers Nature Journals, Suzy Homeschooler

While Little Leafers is designed in such a manner that you can easily print it out and use it as is, I encourage you to consider supplementing with a few hands-on activities. Ideas for supplemental activities will be included in each weeks’ teacher’s guide.  If you find that an activity is not a good fit for your class then simply exclude it or swap it out for an activity you’ve found elsewhere that is a better fit for your unique class. When I teach Little Leafers I like to have a basket full of library books, a sensory bin, and a craft- each corresponding with the weekly theme. Completely unnecessary, but still a fun addition to the outdoor classroom.

For your convenience, feel free to download an Editable Parent Contact and Consent Form for Little Leafers (click here) Simply download, replace the red text with applicable location, dates, etc.. and print one copy per family in your class.

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Why pay what you want? Because I get it. We’re all homeschooling parents here. We all know what its like to fund our child’s education.
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The autumn session weekly themes are:
(Click on the image for each week to see more)

Little Leafers Autumn Week 1 Cats Little Leafers Autumn Week 2 Snakes Little Leafers Autumn Week 3 Rats Little Leafers Autumn Week 4 Spiders Little Leafers Autumn Week 5 Bats Little Leafers Autumn Week 6 Pumpkins









Little Leafers Printable Nature Study Class Suzy Homeschooler

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