Wild Kratts Birthday Fort

I am really excited to be taking part in Building Blocks and Acorns’ Fort Building Challenge. All this month bloggers like me are building themed forts at home with their children and sharing them online. Since both LittleMan and SunnyGirl have February birthdays, I built a birthday fort. And since they are having a Wild Kratts party, it is a special Wild Kratts birthday fort.

Wild Kratts Birthday (7)

For this fort I utilized our family’s dining room table, our Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets, our collection of Safari LTD TOOBs (we used the Big Cats, Monkeys and Apes, North American Wildlife, Sharks, Coral Reef, Insects, and Penguins TOOBs), and a copy of the Smithsonian Animal Encyclopedia.

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I also purchased plastic green and blue table cloths, green and blue balloons, green and blue streamers, and green and blue candles.

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First I spread the blue table cloth over the table and draping down on all sides. Then I attached the green table cloth across the bottom of the table and let it billow a bit in the middle. I hung streamers all along the one side of the table to create a striped backdrop. The table legs are metal so the animal magnets stuck well to them.

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Besides balloons to play with, I also included the Wild Kratts Sensory Bin that we played with earlier this week.

Wild Kratts Birthday (3)

And the mud cake math activity we also played with earlier this week.

Wild Kratts Birthday (4)

We ended up doing our homeschool lessons for the day in our fort.

Wild Kratts Birthday (10)

We matched our Safari TOOB figurines to the animals in our book.

Wild Kratts Birthday (8)

Some of the animals we also happen to have a creature power disk for.

Wild Kratts Birthday (13)

We used a sea shell as a pointer and took turns reading aloud.

Wild Kratts Birthday (17)

We separated the TOOB figurines by animal classification, matched them to where they live on our world map, talked about their life cycle, reproduction habits, diet, etc..

Wild Kratts Birthday (12)

We practiced our addition, subtraction, fractions, and started introducing multiplication using the candles in our mud cake math activity.

Wild Kratts Birthday (11)

But mostly we just had fun.

Wild Kratts Birthday (9)

Big thank you to Building Blocks and Acorns for putting together this fantastic Fort Building Challenge. Be sure to be on the look-out for more Wild Kratts posts the rest of the month as we celebrate a Wild Kratts birthday. There will be sensory play, a free printable, and yes we will even be making our own live-size Tortuga!

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