Catch and Read Quidditch

Welcome back! We’re jumping into second semester feet first with wizards theme week. If you’re like me then you have a hard time picking your favorite wizard, between Gandalf, Merlin, Elminster Aumar, etc.. there are just too many to choose a favorite. That said, when it comes to children hooked on fantasy, who doesn’t love a wizard they can relate to, perhaps one closer to them in age.
Thats right, I am talking about none other than Harry Potter.
Catch and Read Quidditch
Personally, as far as magic is concerned, I am not too terribly interested in the spells and potions and what have you. I am however fascinated by the game of Quidditch and I thought LittleMan might get a kick out of it as well. We’re all about combining gross motor and literacy activities so, enter our golden snitch early reader words.

When it was game time, I hid ten golden snitch words around the yard in tree bark, in bushes, even sticking out of a muddy spot in the ground.
Catch and Read Quidditch 1
Then I invited LittleMan out to be the seeker in his own one-player literary version of muggle quidditch.
Catch and Read Quidditch 2
If you’d like to download your own free copy of the golden snitches I’ve made (plus a few blank ones for your own customization) then please click the following link: Quidditch Vocab, Golden Snitch Early Reader Words Printable


SunnyGirl didn’t get left out of the fun just because she’s not learning to read quite yet. She had her own little activity to keep her plenty entertained.
I downloaded a Golden Snitch Alphabet Printable from Activity Village and cut out a few letters for her to paint with gold paint.
Catch and Read Quidditch 3

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3 Comments to Catch and Read Quidditch

  1. I totally want to come over to your house to play! 🙂

  2. […] we loved this super creative activity from SUZY HOMESCHOOLER.  For her wizard theme, she used the game of Quidditch to combine gross motor and literacy […]

  3. Liz says:

    I LOVE this idea! So motivating for the kids. Thank you!
    Liz’s Early Learning Spot

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