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The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings

I’m excited to bring you the ultimate resource in geek parenting, the ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings is a 26-day series addressing all the most common fandoms and geek topics of interests. 2015 is our second year working on this series, and we’re proud to have some excellent co-hosts joining us. There are crafts, play activities, bento lunches, homeschool lessons, free printables, and geeky parenting tips covering a variety of STEM topics, fandoms, and other geeky interests.

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A is for…
Adipose (Suzy Homeschooler)
Autobots, Androids, Artificial Intelligence, and other Robotics (Suzy Homeschooler)

B is for…
Bronies (Bear, guest post on Suzy Homeschooler)
Binary, Computers, and Learning How They Work (Suzy Homeschooler)

C is for…
Cyberman (Yummy Bites by Amy)
Chewbacca (Suzy Homeschooler)
Cosplay (Suzy Homeschooler)

D is for…
Deep Space Nine (Adventures in Mommydom)
Doctor Who Lunch (Bunches ‘o Lunches)
Dragons (Munchkin and Bean)
Dinosaurs (Suzy Homeschooler)
Duct Tape….and Other Weird Crafts (Suzy Homeschooler)

E is for…
Egyptian Mythology (Munchkin and Bean)
Elves (Suzy Homeschooler)
Exploring Space (Suzy Homeschooler)

F is for…
Fantasy Small World (Munchkin and Bean)
Fractions (Suzy Homeschooler)
Feasts, Fairs, and Medieval Fun (Suzy Homeschooler)

G is for…
Greek Mythology (Munchkin and Bean)
Galaxy  (Suzy Homeschooler)
George Takei and other Star Trek Gems (Suzy Homeschooler)

H is for…
Harry Potter (Suzy Homeschooler)
Horde or Alliance? MMOs for Kids (Suzy Homeschooler)

I is for…
Ironman (Suzy Homeschooler)
Instructables (Suzy Homeschooler)

J is for…
Juggernaut (Marmaduke and LittleMan guest post on Suzy Homeschooler)
Jaime, Adam, and Blowing Things Up MythBusters Style (Suzy Homeschooler)

K is for…
Kraken (Suzy Homeschooler)
Kirby, Lee, and the Comic Industry (Suzy Homeschooler)

L is for…
LEGO (Brain Power Boy)
Link (Suzy Homeschooler)
LEGOs (Suzy Homeschooler)

M is for…
Mitosis (Suzy Homeschooler)
Middle Earth, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, and such (Suzy Homeschooler)

N is for…
Nightcrawler (Suzy Homeschooler
Ninja Turtles (Suzy Homeschooler)

O is for…
Odd Squad (Suzy Homeschooler)
Optical Illusions, Holograms, Mirrors, Lights, and Lasers (Suzy Homeschooler)

P is for…
Pokemon Lunch (Bunches o Lunches)
Princesses (Suzy Homeschooler)
PacMan, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, etc.. (Suzy Homeschooler)

Q is for…
Quicksilver (Suzy Homeschooler)
Quidditch (and other things muggles know nothing about) (Suzy Homeschooler)

R is for…
Robot Turtles (Munchkin and Bean)
R2D2 (Suzy Homeschooler)
Rubiks and Puzzles (Suzy Homeschooler)

S is for…
Sublime (The Art Curator for Kids)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Royal Little Lambs)
Sushi (Suzy Homeschooler)
Samaris, Anime, and Japanese Culture (Suzy Homeschooler)

T is for…
Table Top Roll-Playing Games for Kids (Munchkin and Bean)
Thermal Energy (Suzy Homeschooler)
Tabletop Gaming (Suzy Homeschooler)

U is for…
Ultron (Suzy Homeschooler)
Unicorns, Griffons, and Greek Mythology (Suzy Homeschooler)

V is for…
Vader (Suzy Homeschooler)
Vikings, Venomous Vorpents, and other inhabitants of the Isle of Berk (Suzy Homeschooler)

W is for…
Wonder Woman (Suzy Homeschooler)
Who, as in The Doctor, not the band (Suzy Homeschooler)

X is for…
X-Men (Suzy Homeschooler)
Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and Gaming in General (Suzy Homeschooler)

Y is for…
Yoda Sensory Bin (Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)
Yoshi (Suzy Homeschooler)
“You must unlearn what you have learned.” – Yoda, Star Wars (Suzy Homeschooler)

Z is for…
On Beyond Zombie, the book (Suzy Homeschooler)
Zombies (Suzy Homeschooler)


Feel free to bookmark or pin this page. As each post goes live in the series, I will link it to the above list for your convenience.

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