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How to Train Your Dragon Free Printable True or False Viking Trivia Game

How to Train Your Dragon, true or false Viking trivia game


OK, so this game is more about Vikings in real life than it is the Vikings from the HTTYD fantasy universe but…. it was still a fun and educational game to play at our fan club meetings.

And it was super easy to make since it didn’t require any extra pieces. Just download the game file below, print on cardstock, cut the cards out, laminate, and play! (more…)

Using Peeps in your Homeschool History Lesson

Lately LittleMan has been really into studying Barnum Brown, the paleontologist who first unearthed tyrannosaurus. I wanted a way to bring history to life for him, outside of books and documentaries, so I thought it would be fun to build a diorama. While doing a bit of pre-project research, I found out that Peeps are a really popular diorama staple! LittleMan and I decided to take it a step further and make our diorama almost entirely out of edible items.

Using Peeps in your Homeschool History Lesson, Barnum Brown diorama (1)  (more…)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part two)

If you haven’t already, go check out our tutorial on how to build a Viking Longboat out of plastic bottles. The following are the finished product pictures and LittleMan’s dreams come to fruition as we sailed around a local lake, aptly named Lake Valhalla.

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (1)


Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part one)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat Tutorial (1)


LittleMan has inherited his mother’s knack for dreaming up big projects and, while we’re not always keen to jump on board with his time consuming and expensive ideas, we do try to support him when possible.
This plastic bottle Viking longboat was one such idea that we could get behind. (more…)

4th of July President Stick Puppets

Time for another installment of our toddler series, a collaborative series of posts between myself and Kristan of Munchkin and Bean. Last week and this week we’re talking about 4th of July activities. If you missed our 4th of July Sensory Bin and our Red, White, and Blue Flower Science then be sure to go back and check them out.
4th of July Stick Puppets (6)
This week we’re making president stick puppets. Supplies needed: popsicle sticks, coins with president faces on them, card stock, scissors, duct tape, and paint. (more…)

Feasts, Fairs, and Medieval Fun

As a geek, often we find ourselves feeling isolated. Alone in our quirks. I noticed just the other day when I logged onto Facebook and there was a discussion on a geek parenting page about the Oscars. It was no surprise that pretty much none of the self-proclaimed geeks had watched any of the Oscar-nominated movies as they were all too busy playing table top games and reading books and admittedly watching “less popular” movies.
I believe it is this detachment from mainstream society’s interests that leads us to want to gather with like-minded persons. Online we have countless websites, forums, and social pages dedicated to our individual fan-doms. In real life we frequently can be found in large groups at comic conventions, Magic tournaments, and of course the Renaissance Fair.

When I think of the Renaissance Fair and all things medieval, I can’t help but reflect on the castles we visited when we lived over seas. Amazing structures, castles are. Studying castles lends its self to all sorts of things such as architecture, war strategy, history.

To get LittleMan excited to learn about castles I started by making two castles (one red, one blue) and two catapults to go with them.
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Teaching Art to a Comic Book Geek

Today was our first day of our “famous art” theme week and we mostly focused on Vincent van Gogh. We talked about how colors illicit emotions from us, how often an artist will paint what they feel rather than what they see, we examined images of van Gogh’s paintings, we painted coloring pages of Cypresses and Starry Night, and we read two books, one about van Gogh’s life and the other about the art of self portraits in general. All in all, it was a really fun and productive day!

While reading our book about self portraits, we came across the names of several other artists, one of whom was Leonardo da Vinci. LittleMan’s eyes lit up, he instantly recognized the name as the artist for which one of the ninja turtles was named for.
In that moment it dawned on me that I was missing out on a wonderful opportunity to connect his studies with something really meaningful to him: comic books.

So, with some input from LittleMan, I put together a few printable worksheets and nomenclature cards.
TMNT vs Renaissance Artists from Suzy Homeschooler (2) (more…)