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I can’t speak for every geekling, but I know my own two both went through phases where they wanted to be paleontologists. I can’t blame them, dinosaurs are such a fun topic to learn about with a lot of opportunity for hands-on play.

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Free Printable Fill the Box Worksheets

Like many 5 year olds, LittleMan struggles to keep his handwriting even, often having letters of different sizes in the same word. LittleMan grows so bored of lined pages so I’ve created him some simple fill the box worksheets for him. With boxes of varying sizes, he is more engaged and interested in the work. The perfect way to easily practice early penmanship.

Free Printable Fill the Box Worksheets from Suzy Homeschooler


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Comic Book Sight Word Search

Like many geek homes with small children, we have a few old, tattered graphic novels and comic books and such laying about.

LittleMan can manage a level 1 or level 2 early reader on his own, sometimes even level 3 depending on the publisher’s standards of easy readers (every publisher is different), however he can’t quite manage these graphic novels on his own. Really, he just enjoys the art work and having us read it aloud to him.

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Free Printable Achievements to Encourage Your Gamer to Read

When I was a little girl in school, I remember everyone in my class having a caterpillar on the wall. Every time we read a book, we got to add a segment to our caterpillar. It was so fun to watch those caterpillars grow and grow.
Not every child cares for caterpillars though. And even those that do may not find caterpillars to be particularly motivating.
There is one thing though that this generation does understand: the thrill of unlocking an achievement in a video game.
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How-To Write a Halloween Story

LittleMan is 5 years old and, like many homeschooled children, he is advanced in the subjects he is most passionate about. If you were to discuss science with him, you might be surprised to find that he grasps concepts that are difficult for the average third grader. However, you only need to look at his reading and writing to realize that he’s a typical 5 year old with both strengths and weaknesses. Writing science reports and also writing his own stories about topics of interest to him have been our best methods for encouraging our reluctant writer.
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Sight Word Tree Craft

LittleMan used to have a large sight word tree made from a cut branch in our old¬†apartment, but the homeschool room in our new house is mostly windows so there just isn’t the wall space for that again. I got around the lack of wall space by using a display board to create this sight word tree craft.

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