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Letter Recognition and Phonics with Chalk

Time for another installment in our toddler series, a collaborative series of posts between myself and the lovely Kristan of Munchkin and Bean. This week we’re talking about chalk.

By bringing our magnetic letter set outside, we really kicked up our chalk play a notch.
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Labeling Literacy Activity

This was a fun and simple activity that LittleMan enjoyed. It could easily be done with post-it notes but I happen to have some adhesive address labels on hand so I used those.
Labeling Literacy Activity, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
In the basket there were a small collection of toys: a sheep, a pig, a tiger, a cow, a red LEGO brick, a blue LEGO brick, a yellow LEGO brick, and a green LEGO brick. (more…)

Using Balls for Gross Motor Summer Learning

With summer just around the corner, parents of both homeschooled and public schooled children alike are looking for ways to get their children active outside and to keep what their children have learned this previous year fresh in their minds.

Summer slide, or the forgetting of learned information over school holidays, is a very real problem across the board for anyone who doesn’t do year-round schooling. And even those who do year-round schooling still want to get out more when the weather is warm, have lessons outside.

The solution to both of these conundrums is the humble and beloved bouncy ball.
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Vikings, Venomous Vorpents, and other inhabitants of the Isle of Berk

If you don’t already know, the Isle of Berk is the setting in which our family’s favorite book series takes place: How to Train Your Dragon. These stories are simply fantastic, I can’t say enough good about them. We started reading them aloud as family about 2 years ago and all of us- from middle aged husband to my toddler daughter- thoroughly enjoyed the action packed yet thought provoking tales of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third and his tiny dragon, Toothless. In fact we’ve read the books several times each at this point, and listened to the audio books more times than I could care to count as well. So needless to say, being such fans of HTTYD, dragons are a source of interest for my children. I’d go so far as to say dragons are a source of motivation for LittleMan and SunnyGirl. Which is what inspired this activity.
V is for Venomous Vorpent, Suzy Homeschooler1
In the books, the dragons love (more…)

Middle Earth, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, and such

I haven’t mentioned it much but my family loves -LOVES- Lord of the Rings. My husband read the books in highschool, I’ve basically got the movies memorized, and LittleMan thinks the LOTR LEGO games are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Last year I put together this pretty sweet Lord of the Rings small world play in our dry bathtub, it was a pretty big hit with LittleMan. Just some LEGO figures, silk leaves, smooth stones, washable paint, and a bit of dry moss to pull it off.
Middle Earth, small world play and free printable copy work cards (more…)

Kirby, Lee, and the Comic Industry

As I’ve stated before, we are pretty big fans of Jack Kirby around here. I know most people love Stan Lee and while they did work together, I just really believe that Kirby hasn’t gotten the public appreciation he deserves. Lee may have been the idea guy but Kirby was the artist. The two of them together created most of the characters we know and love today- Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and dozens of others can all be accredited to the dynamic duo of Kirby and Lee.

Free Printable Marvel Comic Early Readers from Suzy Homeschooler

One of the great things about comic books, besides being a beautiful art form, is that they encourage reading. LittleMan first sparked an interest in reading on his own not because of the many, many books we had around the house, nor because of our daily read-aloud time. No, he was content to be read to and never learn to read independently. That was, until he found comic books. (more…)

Fun Early Literacy Ideas from Letter Recognition to Early Readers

Literacy is something I’m fairly passionate about so I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort trying to instill in my children a love of words and books and the knowledge that they can bring you. For your convenience I’ve gathered many of my past literacy posts in this one page so you can find them all in one place.
Early Literacy Ideas from Suzy Homeschooler
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Sensory Bag to Practice Letter Formation

Sandpaper cards are fantastic for learning letter formation, but lets face it, if you don’t change things up once in a while you (and your children) can get tired of the same ole-same ole.

Here is a super simple way of practicing letter formation, all you need is a plastic baggie, some dish soap or hair gel, food coloring or liquid water colors(optional), and duct tape (also optional).
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