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Using Peeps in your Homeschool History Lesson

Lately LittleMan has been really into studying Barnum Brown, the paleontologist who first unearthed tyrannosaurus. I wanted a way to bring history to life for him, outside of books and documentaries, so I thought it would be fun to build a diorama. While doing a bit of pre-project research, I found out that Peeps are a really popular diorama staple! LittleMan and I decided to take it a step further and make our diorama almost entirely out of edible items.

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Sight Word Hangman

One of the best ways to get children excited to learn is to make learning into a game.

They can never get enough sight word practice so any way we can work sight words into a game, the better. Sight word Candyland, sight word Jenga, sight word catch- you name it, we’ve added sight words to it.

Most recently we’ve been playing sight word hangman.

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Rainbow Scratch Handwriting Practice

I am always on the look out for fun ways the kids can practice their basic skills.

Because, lets face it, handwriting can get so dull.

So when I saw some Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Boards at the shop, I just knew that the whimsical colors and the novelty of scratching off a letter would be an absolute hit with SunnyGirl.

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14 Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks

Tired of the same old lacy hearts with the over used words, “Be Mine” embellished across the front?
Looking for Valentines to pass out at a party that will WOW the guests but won’t take you hours to assemble?

Whether you are into anatomy, astronomy, zoology, paleontology, or just science in general- we’ve got the Valentine for you!

All 14 Valentine options come with fun facts printed on the back. (Did you know frogs can use their eyes to push food down their throats? Or that ours is the fifth largest moon in the Milky Way?)

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STEM Saturday: Free Printable Human Heart Fact Valentines

LittleMan and I were at the shop recently and looking at his options for the upcoming homeschool Valentine exchange when it dawned upon us that it had all been done before. Ninja turtles, Star Wars, all of it. And while he loves his fandoms, LittleMan really wanted something to reflect his love of science. So I offered to help him make some that showcased his interests.

And so, with LittleMan’s help, today we’re kicking off a 14 day series of Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks. Today’s Valentine is all about human hearts!

Free Printable Heart Fact Valentines  (4)


STEM Saturday: Free Printable Number Pattern Pages

LittleMan has been flying through the math work this year; mastered double digit addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction of negative numbers, started addition and subtraction of fractions, and even memorized a large portion of the multiplication tables. Try as I might to slow him down and have him practice what he’s learned, LittleMan gets bored of reviewing the basics after he feels he grasps them well enough to move on.

Now I’m not usually a fan of worksheet math, preferring to give more hands-on “real world” opportunities to practice what he’s learned. That said, I found that it saved a lot of time and headaches to hand LittleMan some basic worksheets that highlight the patterns in the math facts he’s learned already.

Each worksheet focuses on one number (0-12) and includes basic addition, subtraction, negative numbers, and multiplication. I wouldn’t advise these worksheets for a child who is still learning these skills, but as a review tool, they are quick and convenient.

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STEM Saturday: Kid-Approved Dino Game

Has this ever happened to you: You buy a card game for your kids and they don’t want to follow the rules to play it?

I know I’ve been there before. And I think I’ve finally figured out why that is.

Adults write the rules, and adults don’t always understand the way kids think.

Well here is a card game that kids are sure to love- I know because it was made up by my children.

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STEM Saturday: Turkey Anatomy

Most of the country is preparing to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, turkey included. But what are you going to do with that 20lb bird carcass once the meal is over?

Our family has a little tradition, it started when LittleMan was just shy of two years old and it continues on, over half a decade later. We call it the “Black Friday Turkey Dissection,” and every year it gets a little more complex.

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Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part two)

If you haven’t already, go check out our tutorial on how to build a Viking Longboat out of plastic bottles. The following are the finished product pictures and LittleMan’s dreams come to fruition as we sailed around a local lake, aptly named Lake Valhalla.

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (1)


Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part one)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat Tutorial (1)


LittleMan has inherited his mother’s knack for dreaming up big projects and, while we’re not always keen to jump on board with his time consuming and expensive ideas, we do try to support him when possible.
This plastic bottle Viking longboat was one such idea that we could get behind. (more…)