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Free Printable Camouflage Lesson and Activity

One thing we’ve noticed when we take our nature walks is that we must help our children learn where to look for wildlife and also teach them to look at the small details.

It is easy for a small child to miss the brown moth resting against the brown bark of a tree while they rush past it in their excitement to be outside on a nature walk.

Free Printable Camouflage Lesson and Activity  (more…)

Free Printable Poisonous Plants Travel Guide

If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this summer then one of the first things you should teach your children is how to stay safe.

What safety means is different depending on where you live but in general you want to make sure they know which local wildlife to avoid, how to observe from afar, how to back away if they come across something unsafe, etc..

Free Printable Poisonous Plants Travel Guide  (more…)

Tour the World by Flower: Michigan

Today I am excited to join up with Play Ground Park Bench and a great group of bloggers to present to you a world-wide tour by flower.


Since I currently live in Michigan, I present you with the elegant yet simple apple blossom. The apple blossom is the official state flower of Michigan, to learn about the official wild flower of Michigan you’ll have to visit Betsy’s Photography.

Or better yet, view the entire world by flower at Play Ground Park Bench!
Every flower talked about comes with its own kiddie craft you can do!  (more…)

Multiply by 5’s with Apple Blossoms

Flowers are great for teaching mathematics. Depending on the type of flower, you can talk about symmetry or sums. All apple blossoms have 5 petals, which make them great for talking about multiplication by 5’s.

Apple Blossom Hands-On Math Craft (2)  (more…)

Gross Motor Super Hero Activities for Parties or Homeschool Gym Days

We are members of a couple different local homeschool groups. One of our groups meets monthly for “gym day” which is basically just a time when the children can run off some energy with their peers in a safe, enclosed area. Of course free play is encouraged on gym days but we also supply activities to entertain the children. Because gym days are a monthly event, we try to keep supplies and prep time to a minimum. This month’s theme was super hero.

Super Hero Gross Motor Activities for Homeschool Gym Day


All About Super Me Book


Our local homeschool group has a monthly gathering during the autumn/winter/spring months which we refer to as “gym day.” The primary purpose of these gym days are social, though we try to provide the children with many gross motor activities and a few crafts. One such craft for our most recent super hero themed gym day was to write and illustrate an All About Super Me book.

Super Hero Crafts Free Printable All About Super Me Book


Natural Building Blocks

One aspect that I really wanted to include in our outdoor small world play area was blocks.
But blocks can be quite pricey and I didn’t want to invest in something that might be damaged in the weather, misplaced during playdates, or even stolen from our yard.

Using blocks made of natural materials satisfies my children’s need to create as well as my need to keep costs low.
Plus, I found an excellent idea online to tie our block area into our geography lessons.

Natural Building Blocks (1)