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Gross Motor Christmas Activities for Parties or Homeschool Group

We are members of a couple different local homeschool groups. One of our groups meets monthly for “gym day” which is basically just a time when the children can run off some energy with their peers in a safe, enclosed area. Of course free play is encouraged on gym days but we also supply activities to entertain the children. Because gym days are a monthly event, we try to keep supplies and prep time to a minimum. This month was December so we planned a Christmas theme to our activities.

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STEM Saturday: Sledding with Newton’s Laws

Ever since the first bit of powder hit the ground, my children have been unable to go day without sledding down the hill in our backyard at least once, if not continually for several hours. But all this outdoor play, all this connection with nature, it isn’t just physical exercise. And it isn’t just good for morale either. It is a true opportunity for hands-on learning.
You see, children are better able to grasp new concepts when they have experienced them first hand.
And sledding just happens to be an excellent way to experience Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Sledding with Newton's Laws


Tulsa Children’s Museum (Inspired Ideas for Green Play)

If you live in Oklahoma, then I have got the field trip for you!
If you don’t live in Oklahoma then keep reading because the Tulsa Children’s Museum has inspired ideas that could be implemented in almost any home or classroom environment. The best part? All of their ideas are frugal and environmentally friendly.
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Gross Motor Pool Noodle Toddler Activities

I am really excited to announce that today will be the first in a new series of posts specific to toddlers and Tot School. I’ll be working with my good friend and fellow homeschool blogger, Kristan, over at Munchkin and Bean to bring you arts and crafts, fine motor activities, gross motor activities, learning activities, and sensory activities specific to toddlers every Wednesday.

This week we’re focusing on pool noodles.
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Using Balls for Gross Motor Summer Learning

With summer just around the corner, parents of both homeschooled and public schooled children alike are looking for ways to get their children active outside and to keep what their children have learned this previous year fresh in their minds.

Summer slide, or the forgetting of learned information over school holidays, is a very real problem across the board for anyone who doesn’t do year-round schooling. And even those who do year-round schooling still want to get out more when the weather is warm, have lessons outside.

The solution to both of these conundrums is the humble and beloved bouncy ball.
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Gross Motor Games for Learning

Combining gross motor activities with learning is something we strive to do on a regular basis. I’ve written before about our alphabet mat which is obviously a learning activity.
Literacy Practice for Boys from Suzy Homeschooler (5)
There are other gross motor games that can be used for learning, such as (more…)

Easy DIY Bow and Arrow Set

It is sports theme week here in the Homeschooler household, and while I haven’t managed to get any pictures (yet) to post about sight word ball and subtraction bowling, I thought I’d post about a little sporty craft we did last month: PVC and dowel rod archery set.
This project is ridiculously easy, you do not need a crafty bone in your body to put it together. Also it is cheap. We’re talking you can make three of these for under $10 cheap. Great craft for a playdate.

I read several online tutorials before we made ours, the tutorial I found with the best pictures is over at SkipToMyLou, so if you are interested in making your own be sure to check out her instructional photos.

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3 Gross Motor Color Learning Activities

I found it really difficult to come up with fun gross motor color learning activities which included all the colors and were appropriate for the 1-4 year age range.
For a long time the best I could come up with was Twister (which we didn’t play) and rolling oranges in orange paint to paint a giant sheet of butcher paper (which we did do).
Then it dawned on me that instead of a small color sensory bin for fine motor practice, why not do a large color sensory pool for gross motor practice? This in turn lead to A life sized color wheel. 3 paddling pools with red, yellow, blue items gathered from around the house. In between each pool is a mixing bowl with balls to fill in for orange, green, and purple. All 3 children LOVED this and kept asking to play in it so I decided to leave it up a few days.
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