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Homemade Rainbow Ribbon Dancers

Back in February I purchased 18 fat quarters in 6 colors to make my daughter a rainbow patchwork dress for her first birthday. The dress turned out fantastic, but I was left with alot of scrap fabric…

So we made a rainbow decoration for the wall and we made a fabric pull baby toy and if you were paying close attention during our big patio make over reveal, you might have even noticed that we made a rainbow wreath for our front door.

Still, there are scraps left over.

Our latest dent in the rainbow fabric scrap pile are these homemade ribbon dancers.
Homemade Rainbow Ribbon Dancers from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Pimp My Patio, Day Four

We woke up to a bit of bad news this morning. Well, two bits of bad news.
The first is that someone has stolen a chair from our patio. This really isn’t such a big deal. The chair wasn’t expensive and they could have done worse. However we were very surprised, our neighborhood is generally peaceful and has a low crime rate. Oh well.
The second bit of bad news was the weather. Cold and rainy. We only spent about an hour outside rather than the 5-6 hours we had been enjoying earlier this week. Again, it could be worse.

Today we were hoping to play some outdoor games but that just didn’t happen. We did however manage to move all of our outdoor sports and games equipment from the inside closet to the outdoor storage shed for easier impromptu play.

Among our stash is… (more…)

Alphabet Hunt in the Ball Pit

Last week I saw this alphabet puzzle at Staples for $1 and it reminded me of an activity that I saw several months ago on Little Hands, Big Work.

Alphabet Hunt in the Ball Pit from Suzy Homeschooler (1)

So of course I had to buy it! And this morning I was poised over a tub of pinto beans, ready to pop the letters out of the puzzle and mix them in when out of the corner of my eye I spotted SunnyGirl collecting balls from around the room and returning them to the ball pit. Inspiration hit. (more…)

How Can I Teach My Son to Read….When He Won’t Sit Still?!


literacy-practice-for-boys-from-suzy-homeschooler-5My greatest struggle in teaching my son is, and has always been, he learns differently than I did as a child. I read about the different learning styles and gather ideas from other homeschooling blogs and in my head it all makes sense. He needs to move around to learn, he needs the physical connection with his environment. Its really so simple. But applying this knowledge is like trying to speak French to a Frenchman without any experience in speaking French! My son is, in his own way, speaking a language which is foreign to me. (more…)