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In the Kitchen Theme Week

I started having LittleMan help in the kitchen just before he turned 2 years old. The first meal I taught him to make *mostly* by himself was “eggy-bread,” he was 2.5 at the time. (Eggy-bread was his name for french toast.) Back then LittleMan’s time in the kitchen was meant to help him learn to follow directions and develop his motor skills, it wasn’t until recently that I started showing him how to read a recipe and how to measure ingredients by himself.
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Harvest Theme Week

We kicked off harvest theme week with some seed exploration. In the process of that, we made a point of not wrecking our seed packets by cutting the bottom corners to retrieve the seeds and we put a few seeds aside in small clear containers. We used these to create a sort of matching game.
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Child-Guided Australia Theme Learning

LittleMan woke up on the *wrong* side of the bed this morning. I knew that it would be useless to try and enforce our usual box system of lessons so I tried a new approach- just for today.
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15 Ways to Play and Learn with a Pumpkin

15 ways to play and learn with a pumpkin

We love autumn. We especially love Halloween. Our family does more to celebrate Halloween than any other day of the year, including birthdays and even including Christmas. It is not uncommon for us to have our costumes planned in June nor is it uncommon for us to have carved a dozen pumpkins before Halloween.
That said, we bought our first pumpkin of the year on Friday.  We had errands and chores on Saturday, but Sunday, our first free day, we jumped at the opportunity to have a whole day to explore our pumpkin.


Dog Theme Week Sensory Play and a Field Trip

It is dog theme week and we are having a ton of fun. Our current situation does not allow for us to have a dog, but LittleMan has been telling us for months what color and size dog he wants when we are able to get one. He even has a name picked out. We are all looking forward to the day that we will be ready and able to welcome a canine family member in, until then we are taking dog theme week as an opportunity to teach LittleMan some of the basics about dogs and their care.

When I got pregnant with LittleMan, and for several years before then, I was actually working as a dog groomer as well as being in school to become a vet tech. Being a stay at home mom was something we had agreed on before Marmaduke and I got married, so even though LittleMan’s conception came a couple years earlier than we were expecting, I put aside my career plans to focus on our growing family. I still miss my clients from time to time. Being a dog groomer was a lot of fun (and it paid pretty good too).
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Greek Mythology Theme Week

Greek mythology was one of my favorite subjects in school as a child. So much so that my parents actually called my teacher asking for me to be excused from the subject because they thought it was distracting me from my other classes! Now that I am a mother myself, I thought I’d give my children a one-week crash course in mythology to see if it peeked their interest. We are half way through the week and so far, so good.


Wrapping Up Sports Theme Week and Ball Bounce Painting

We did a sports theme last week. Things were kinda hectic so I didn’t get around to posting much about it besides the gross motor games I shared.

There were some library books about how to play football and basketball.
One of those books came with a useful kindergarten-level vocabulary list in the back which became our copy work for a day.

There were word problems in math:
“If Jake gets 3 sacks in the first quarter and 2 sacks in the second quarter, how many sacks did Jake get? 3+2=?”

At one point I filled a jar with different types of mini sport balls and put a blindfold on LittleMan. We pulled one ball from the jar at a time and graphed what was pulled as we went.

We found free printable coloring pages of athletes with disabilities which we colored in while watching a wheel-chair basketball game on youtube and talking about the various ways people overcome physical set backs.

Of course I couldn’t let the whole week go by without finding some way to squeeze art in. I had hoped to make a football craft I found on Pinterest but LittleMan requested to re-hash an old favorite: ball bounce painting.

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Finishing up Ocean Theme Week

Our first week of school has come to an end, and so ocean theme week is also ending. It has been interesting to see what LittleMan has responded best to (and worst to) this week. He liked the more independent activities that he could do alone and I could check his work later (like read/build/write and phonics/counting clothes clip cards). He loved daily name journal time- LOVED IT. He was not a fan of anything which required a lot of direction or instruction from me.

There were so many little activities and box lessons that I haven’t blogged about, really it is too much to include it all so I’m doing my best to include the favorite activities. Again, several of our activities have come from Homeschool Creations free ocean preschool printable pack.

Today we touched on addition using 5 fish shaped beads I had left over from a project.
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