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Rainbow Ball Drop

Last week I was at Dollar Tree brainstorming ideas to teach SunnyGirl about colors and further LittleMan’s literacy work when I noticed a plastic storage container which was somewhat oblong and had a lid for pouring. I believe these containers are usually used for storing dry cereal.

When I saw this, I was immediately drawn to it, but I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to do with it. I just knew it had potential. So I bought one, brought it home, and pondered on it for a day.

Then I discovered that the hole for pouring was the *perfect size* for some of our ball pit balls to easily be dropped in and then poured out. (The balls that fit so well are Playhut brand, in case anyone is curious. The other brands we had handy can be pushed in but are too big to pour out.)

Rainbow Ball Drop from Suzy Homeschooler (more…)

The Flaw in “Letter of the Week” and Why I Did Letter Themed Activities Anyway

I used to do “letter of the week” style drills with LittleMan. I would direct his attention to that letter, read him stories about that letter, have him trace that letter, talk about objects which names started with that letter, etc.. But I found that it didn’t work.
The majority of the time LittleMan seemed to forget whatever letter we were discussing by the time we moved on to the next letter. And even when he didn’t forget the letter, he never really seemed to grasp what it was. C is for cat, d is for dog; to him these were nonsensical statements, abstract ideas which he was unable to wrap his head around. (more…)

5 Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities

Today I was planning to do a color themed bath for the kids. Simple, easy, fun. Just throw in some balls and balloons, maybe some legos all the same color. Add scented bath paint and colored water and you’re golden. But sometime around breakfast I went from deciding to do a blue themed bath, to doing a purple themed bath, to doing a Harold and the Purple Crayon themed bath. Once my mind got onto Harold and the Purple Crayon things just started happening. Next thing I know I had thrown together an entire Harold and the Purple Crayon themed day for the kids.

harold and the purple crayon