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DIY Bowtruckle and Free Printable Magical Creature Adoption Certificate

My son got invited to a birthday party for a fellow geekling. Birthday invites are a good thing, right?
Except the birthday girl is one of my wonderful Little Leafers nature study students, as well as the daughter of a friend and fellow geeky homeschooling mom… so the gift should be somewhat personal.
And I had no clue what to get her!

Cue mild panic attack.
Then, Geek Dad shared a link to a fully awesome bowtruckle tutorial on their Facebook page.

(If you don’t know what a bowtruckle is, they are teeny tiny little magical creatures, that look like twigs and leaves, who guard the trees whose wood is used to make magical wands.)

I checked it out and I already had everything I needed in my craft supply stash. Score!

DIY Bowtruckle tutorial from and Free Printable Adoption Certificate from Suzy Homeschooler (1)


Harry Potter Inspired Wand Tutorial and Free Printable Gift Tags

Magic wands are incredibly easy to make, a fun craft for adults and children alike.
And since the materials cost is so low, there is no reason you can’t make magic wands by the dozen!

How to make a Harry Potter inspired wand, and free printable gift tags for all occasions (22)

Scroll to the bottom of this post to download our free printable Harry Potter Inspired Gift Tags for all occasions. (more…)

Things to do with a Pumpkin (besides carving it) Free Printable

For the sixth and final week of Little Leafers Nature Study Autumn Session, we explored pumpkins.

Little Leafers Nature Study Autumn Session, pumpkin week, from Suzy Homeschooler (8)


In lieu of doing a craft, I sent each of my students home with a pie pumpkin and this handy list of things to do with a pumpkin, besides carving it. (more…)

How to Train Your Dragon Free Printable True or False Viking Trivia Game

How to Train Your Dragon, true or false Viking trivia game


OK, so this game is more about Vikings in real life than it is the Vikings from the HTTYD fantasy universe but…. it was still a fun and educational game to play at our fan club meetings.

And it was super easy to make since it didn’t require any extra pieces. Just download the game file below, print on cardstock, cut the cards out, laminate, and play! (more…)

How to Train Your Dragon Bridge to Asgard Game

LittleMan was playing with our sight word Jenga blocks when I got the idea for this game.

How to Train Your Dragon, Bridge to Asgard game (1)

It is essentially Jenga, but each block has a word on it related to the How to Train Your Dragon book series: names of characters, places, dragon species, etc..

Players take turns pulling a block and discussing the word on it. This gives them an opportunity to review plot points, debate ideas, and generally just gives them a conversation starter related to the books.


Sight Word Hangman

One of the best ways to get children excited to learn is to make learning into a game.

They can never get enough sight word practice so any way we can work sight words into a game, the better. Sight word Candyland, sight word Jenga, sight word catch- you name it, we’ve added sight words to it.

Most recently we’ve been playing sight word hangman.

Free Printable Sight Word Hangman Packs (1)  (more…)

14 Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks

Tired of the same old lacy hearts with the over used words, “Be Mine” embellished across the front?
Looking for Valentines to pass out at a party that will WOW the guests but won’t take you hours to assemble?

Whether you are into anatomy, astronomy, zoology, paleontology, or just science in general- we’ve got the Valentine for you!

All 14 Valentine options come with fun facts printed on the back. (Did you know frogs can use their eyes to push food down their throats? Or that ours is the fifth largest moon in the Milky Way?)

14 Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks from Suzy Homeschooler  (more…)