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Interview with a Working and Homeschooling Parent #1

This is the twelfth installment in an on-going series of interviews with homeschooling parents. For more information about this series please see the page entitled “Interviews.”
Today we are hearing from working and homeschooling mom, Brenda Priddy. Brenda blogs over at Schooling A Monkey and I encourage all of you to give her a visit and say, “hi.”

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Interview with The Inappropriate Homeschooler

Having been a personal fan of The Inappropriate Homeschooler since LittleMan was a preschooler, back when I was still on the fence about homeschooling, I am really super excited about today’s interview.  I just couldn’t pass up the chance to pick Mari Beth’s brain and share her awesomeness with my readers!
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Interview with a Homeschool Dad #2

Today we are hearing from Frank Maier, the father of two successful young women whom he and his wife unschooled for the bulk of their education (minus a bit of time when his younger daughter experimented with public and private schooling but quickly grew bored and returned home). Frank’s daughters are now 20 and 21, they currently retain 4.0 and 3.9 GPA’s at the community college in which they attend and they will be transferring to larger universities in the coming year.
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Interview with a Veteran Homeschooler #6

When I first started down the path of homeschooling, I found a wealth of information on curricula and learning styles and the benefits of homeschooling, but I was still left questioning what exactly homeschooling would be like. What would it really be like to be a homeschooling mom? This was the question I set out to answer when I reached out to seasoned homeschooling moms.

Today we are hearing from Melinda S.
Melinda has been homeschooling her 4 children for the past 16 years and she has a very realistic view of the homeschooling lifestyle.
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Interview with a Veteran Homeschooler #5

As I am rounding out my first year as a homeschooling mom, I look back and see quite a bit that I’m proud of and happy about as well as quite a bit that I’m unsure of and nervous over.  In times like these, when I’m pondering our homeschool, I find it helps to hear from someone who has “been there, done that.”
Jennifer Lambert is a former higher-level English teacher turned homeschool mom and professional homeschool consultant. She writes about homeschooling at Royal Little Lambs and she writes about natural health, essential oils, and marketing at
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Interview with a Veteran Homeschooler #4

As I mentioned last week, I recently  made a post in the new Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Community asking if there was any seasoned home educators willing to take part in our interview series. Today I’ll be sharing one of the respondents from that post, Cari Miller.
Cari has been homeschooling her three daughters for the last decade and half. Her enthusiasm for the homeschool life style was very evident in my communications with her.
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Interview with a Veteran Homeschooler #3

It had been awhile since our last interview and my attempts to reach out to individual homeschool moms weren’t panning out so I made a post on the new Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Community asking if there was anyone willing to take part in the series. Several women responded and those I’ve spoken with so far have been just lovely. Today I have the wonderful task of sharing with you the wisdom of Laurie Wilhelm.

Laurie is a mother of two with two decades of homeschool experience under her belt. She blogs over at Green Ginger, so when you’re done reading what she has to say here, head on over to say “hi” to her at Green Ginger.
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Interview with a Second Generation Homeschooler #2

It is time for another installment in our Interviews with Homeschoolers series. Today’s interview is a little bit different because today we will be hearing from a personal friend of mine, Bear.

I’ve known Bear for almost 6 years now and have nothing but respect for her. She is an intelligent, kind-hearted woman, a devoted wife, and loving mom to three amazing children.
Normally I encourage my readers to post questions in the comments for the interviewee to answer however Bear’s third child was actually born after this interview (Congratulations!) so she may be a bit too busy with the baby to respond if any one has any questions. You can still feel free to ask a question, just be patient if it takes us a while to hear back from her.
On that note, lets see what Bear has to say from the perspective of a second generation homeschooler!

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Interview with a Veteran Homeschooler #2

This is the third installment in an on-going series of interviews with homeschooling moms. For more information about this series please see the page entitled “Interviews.”
Today’s interview is with veteran homeschool mom, Jena Borah. Jena blogs over at Yarns of the Heart and I encourage all of my readers to give her site a visit. She does not post frequently but the quality and the content of her posts is fantastic. I personally spent a large chunk of time browsing the archives when I first found her site.

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