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DIY Bowtruckle and Free Printable Magical Creature Adoption Certificate

My son got invited to a birthday party for a fellow geekling. Birthday invites are a good thing, right?
Except the birthday girl is one of my wonderful Little Leafers nature study students, as well as the daughter of a friend and fellow geeky homeschooling mom… so the gift should be somewhat personal.
And I had no clue what to get her!

Cue mild panic attack.
Then, Geek Dad shared a link to a fully awesome bowtruckle tutorial on their Facebook page.

(If you don’t know what a bowtruckle is, they are teeny tiny little magical creatures, that look like twigs and leaves, who guard the trees whose wood is used to make magical wands.)

I checked it out and I already had everything I needed in my craft supply stash. Score!

DIY Bowtruckle tutorial from and Free Printable Adoption Certificate from Suzy Homeschooler (1)


Harry Potter Inspired Wand Tutorial and Free Printable Gift Tags

Magic wands are incredibly easy to make, a fun craft for adults and children alike.
And since the materials cost is so low, there is no reason you can’t make magic wands by the dozen!

How to make a Harry Potter inspired wand, and free printable gift tags for all occasions (22)

Scroll to the bottom of this post to download our free printable Harry Potter Inspired Gift Tags for all occasions. (more…)

Little Leafers: Rats

Little Leafers Nature Study is a year-round class, divided by season, created by Suzy Homeschooler.
You could be a parent with just one or two informal pupils, or you could be a co-op instructor with two dozen children under-foot. Either way, this is a flexible course that you can bend to fit your unique needs.

Little Leafers Printable Homeschool Autumn Nature Study Class by Suzy Homeschooler (3)

The autumn session is 6 weeks long. Each week has printable student packs with nature journal prompts, illustrated nature guides, fun facts, and vocabulary words. Each week also has printable teacher’s guides with subject related tips, lectures, discussion prompts, Montessori-inspired tray work, and a suggested craft.


How to Put Together a FULLY AWESOME Sandcastle Kit on a Budget

What is educational about sandcastles?
Beyond the fact that it is connecting with nature and engaging the senses, I love to use building a sandcastle as a chance to review medieval history. While building our sandcastles, we talk about the structures and their purposes such as the arrowslits, moat, and towers. Plus, working together on a larger shared plan is great for practicing cooperation and compromising.

When you get a group of homeschoolers together to build sandcastles, you want to do it up big, to give them a lot to work with and a good conversation starter about castles.

How to put together a FULLY AWESOME Sandcastle Kit on a Budget (2)


Tour the World by Flower: Michigan

Today I am excited to join up with Play Ground Park Bench and a great group of bloggers to present to you a world-wide tour by flower.


Since I currently live in Michigan, I present you with the elegant yet simple apple blossom. The apple blossom is the official state flower of Michigan, to learn about the official wild flower of Michigan you’ll have to visit Betsy’s Photography.

Or better yet, view the entire world by flower at Play Ground Park Bench!
Every flower talked about comes with its own kiddie craft you can do!  (more…)