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The Perfect Sandbox Mix

What would an outdoor play space be if it didn’t have a sandbox?

We’ve had our share of sandbox phases throughout the years. When LittleMan was just an infant, not quite old enough to be trusted not to eat a handful of sand, we filled his paddling pool with colored rice and construction vehicles. After that we moved on to a small sensory bin of plain sand. Then a sensory bin of plain sand and water. As he gets older though, he has more of an interest in designing sand castles and digging elaborate tunnels. These activities require just the right sand mix so they don’t crumble apart.

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Teepee Neighborhood

A while back I was reading into what makes a outdoor space really welcoming for children and I noticed three main components that presented themselves quite a bit: loose parts for open-ended play, lots of opportunities to connect with nature, and some small spaces to hide away when they need a rest. I went through a lot of DIY playhouse plans and ideas before I settled on the teepee neighborhood.

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Outdoor Water Wall

In the hot summer months, playing with water is an excellent way to cool off, but I don’t always have the ability to fill up the paddling pools for them to have a dip. A water wall is a great compromise, a way to play in water and cool off, but without all the prep work and hassle of filling and emptying their pools.

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Outdoor Music Station

Kids are noisy. Kids love being noisy. And outside is a great place for them to be as noisy as they want.

Which is why, for three years now, I have dedicated a portion of our outdoor area to having a music station.
It started off as a miniature music wall on our apartment patio, then a larger music wall in our backyard. Now we have expanded it even further.

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Pretend Play Flower Garden

Children love to plant gardens, and it is especially beneficial for them to do so. Unfortunately, plants can take an awful long time to grow and children are not known for their patience.
And I have learned the hard way that if you attempt to grow a garden with starter plants rather than seeds, the children might be tempted to dig them up and replant them frequently, which can cause root damage and undo stress to the plant.

Pretend Play Flower Garden (1)

In an effort to minimize the damage to our live plants, I created this pretend play garden for my children and their friends, and it has so far been a roaring success. (more…)

Wild Kratts Birthday Party

February is a big month for our family, as both LittleMan and SunnyGirl’s birthdays are in February. Every year I give them the option of a big joint party, or separate smaller parties. This year they opted to have a joint Wild Kratts birthday party.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party at Preuss Pets

With a Wild Kratts theme, there was only one place that seemed fitting to have our birthday party: Preuss Pets. (more…)

Wild Kratts Birthday Fort

I am really excited to be taking part in Building Blocks and Acorns’ Fort Building Challenge. All this month bloggers like me are building themed forts at home with their children and sharing them online. Since both LittleMan and SunnyGirl have February birthdays, I built a birthday fort. And since they are having a Wild Kratts party, it is a special Wild Kratts birthday fort.

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Roominate Studio Review

Disclosure: I was sent a Roominate Studio play set to write this review. All thoughts offered in this review are my own.

As most parents know, getting more girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is a hot button issue right now. The need for females in these fields of study is obvious, the path to getting more women scientists and women engineers is less obvious. Many newer products are trying to entice the younger generation’s interest with STEM toys which are specially designed to appeal to young girls. One such product is the Roominate Studio, just one of several Roominate play sets on the market today. Roominate was designed by two female engineers, you can read more about how their product came to be on their website.

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Christmas Camp Out

LittleMan had been begging me for almost a year to have his first sleep over but I was stead-fast in my stance that he was too young. Earlier this month I wanted to invite one of his little buddies to come see the Christmas lights with our family and it seemed like, if we were going to have him that close to bed time, we might as well keep him over night and give his parents a chance to sleep in the next day. And so with that reasoning, I finally caved and let LittleMan have his first sleep over.

Since we were going to see the lights, it only made sense to make it a themed sleep over: A Christmas Camp-Out.

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