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Tabletop Gaming

You can’t wait until a child is 10 years old and hope that they have an interest in Risk or Settlers of Catan. If you want to insure a love of tabletop games then you should start your child off young.
T is for Tabletop Games, the ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings from Suzy Homeschooler
Games aren’t just a fun way for families to bond, they are a great teaching tool as well. Depending on the game, children practice (more…)

Optical Illusions, Holograms, Mirrors, Lights, and Lasers

While the Reggio approach to early childhood education is not quite right for our family, I’ve always admired the beautiful materials used. Specifically the attention to light and reflection which seems to captivate the children exposed to these nurturing environments.

We’ve long had a light table for the children to play on, but we’ve only recently made them a mirror box. Reflections are after-all one of the most basic forms of optical illusions…
How to Make a Mirror Box2
Mirror boxes really are quite simple to make. You merely need (more…)


My children, like most all children, love costumes.
For that reason, we have a wealth of licensed character costumes.
ABCs of Raising Well Rounded Geeklings C is for Cosplay  (1)
Licensed character costumes are great, we love them. However you can’t deny that there is something special about letting a child create their own costume, of their own imagining. If you need any evidence of the greatness that is children’s superhero designs, then I suggest checking out artist Alex Law’s Tumblr: Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You. (more…)

7 Ideas for Small World Play

Small world play is an essential aspect of child development, an exercise in creativity, a chance to mirror recently learned social skills, and practice pre-reader/early literacy skills. Setting up opportunities for small world play can seem daunting but there are plenty of ideas that are simple to implement and fun for all.
7 Ideas for Small World Play from Suzy Homeschooler
(Be sure to click on the red links to read more.) (more…)

Fairy Garden from Recyclables

We’ve had several fairy gardens this past summer. All of them in containers on our patio. All of them drown as soon as there was a decent rain. Seems to me that if you want a fairy garden to be able to survive a bit of wet weather then you need to supply it with either some coverage or to make your garden in the ground where the rain water will naturally seep away. I didn’t think it would be possible for us to have such a fairy garden in our current living situation.
Then I noticed our bushes looked like a tiny forest near to the ground. Unfortunately they were a bit messy. I always knew there were lots of dead leaves and a couple plastic baggies tangled in the branches but we generally just avoided the bush because we didn’t know what sort of wildlife might be under those piles of dead leaves. I decided that it was worth the risk to investigate further, perhaps if I found no snakes then this could be the perfect site for our fairy garden.
Fairy Garden, Suzy Homeschooler (2)
I didn’t find any snakes but I did find out that people are disgusting. Under those piles of dead leaves I found broken glass, cans, bottle caps, nails, screws, a rusty metal pipe, scrap wood, insulation, fast food containers- the list goes on. How have we been living with this 2 feet from our front door?! Our neighbors bushes look similar to ours, with what seems to be piles of dead leaves and a couple plastic baggies, but I doubt that there isn’t just as much disgusting stuff underneath theirs as well.
Fairy Garden, Suzy Homeschooler (16)
Once I had cleared out all the rubbish, things were looking much more promising. (more…)