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How to Teach Your Kindergartner to Type a Thank-You Note

One thing about my family that some people think is kind of odd, we say thank you a lot. And we mean it when we say it. Example: I make dinner 5-6 nights a week and my husband still looks into my eyes and says, “thank you for cooking.” Another example: My husband has never failed to bring home milk after work when we are running low. After almost 6 years and countless gallons of milk I still kiss him and say, “thank you for picking up milk.”
Our children see this daily effort to express gratitude for other’s efforts and they just naturally fall in step. When our son was a toddler, he used to say, “thank you too much.” Our daughter until recently was selectively mute however she still gave the ASL sign for “thank you.”

I don’t say all this because I want to give the impression that I’m some sanctimommy. The truth is, our family has crap just like any other. But the one thing we are really good at, is appreciating one another.
Unfortunately, when it comes to holiday and birthday gifts, a hug and a heartfelt “thank you,” is simply not enough to truly show gratitude. That is where thank you notes come into play. (more…)

Age Appropriate Internet Searching

My generation was the first to be given cell phones in middle school and have open access to computers and internet in our homes. My parents were a bit behind on the times. While my classmates were being given laptops for Christmas, we had one family desktop (without internet access) used only for typing school reports. While my friends carried cell phones to call home when they needed a ride or would be staying overnight with a friend, I instead carried quarters for the pay phone.

This sort of unwillingness to change with the times resulted in a technical ignorance that set me back later in life. The greatest stumbling block I faced was that I had to teach myself how to research and find reliable sources of information online.
I have made an effort to be more proactive in making sure my children’s experiences with technology are helpful and safe.

Age Appropriate Internet Search Settings, Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Dollar Tree is a Homeschooler’s Friend

In case you hadn’t already noticed, I love Dollar Tree.
Love. It.

The majority of stuff I use in my sensory bins? Dollar Tree.
My stash of math manipulatives? Dollar Tree.
Organization for the kid’s art studio? Dollar Tree.
Props for small world play? Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree’s school supply aisle is a bit of a treasure trove. You never know what you’ll find and if you find something good, you should probably act fast, because chances are, it won’t be there in a few weeks.

This past year I’ve found all sorts of goodies in Dollar Tree’s school supply aisle (more…)

Summer Bucket List

Ever hear the expression, the days drag on forever but the years fly by?
Thats how I feel about summer in a nut shell.
20 minutes can feel like 2 hours, but 2 weeks can feel like 2 days.
You think you’ve got all the time in the world to….whatever it is you had planned to do this summer, but before you know it, the summer is gone, times up and you’ve got to shelf all those fun plans for next year.
You only get about 18 summers with your child. Less when you consider those first few summers they will be too young for certain activities. Less again when you consider those last few summers they will be spending working and/or hanging out with friends.

Enter the summer bucket list. Hang it somewhere in your house to serve as a constant reminder that TODAY is the day to make some memories. (more…)

Living Montessori and What it Means to Me

Our family is entering the 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway at Living Montessori Now and if I blog about the giveaway then it counts at 3 extra entries so…its a pretty sweet giveaway. 3 prizes, the first of which is 2 CDs full of pdf files of some top notch Montessori printables- over $500 worth of Montessori education goodness! The second prize is also amazing, a $100 coupon for Montessori Print Shop. Third prize is the Montessori at Home ebook and a small bundle of Montessori printables, pretty sweet. I’ve heard good things about the ebook. The three people who win these are going to be extremely lucky to have done so.
Now, of course I hope that our family wins. But really, with as many entries as there are, I highly doubt we will. My luck has never been very good. So hopefully whoever does win puts these amazing resources to good use.
(If any of my followers would like to enter, the link is above, best of luck to you!)

I figure if I’m going to blogging about a Montessori giveaway, I should probably explain why I entered a Montessori materials giveaway in the first place… (more…)

Easter FAIL

I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m a bit adventurous with my children. Whether it be a cross country trip by train or a simple afternoon craft project at home, I’m easily excited and up for just about anything. Any excuse to have fun will do. Generally speaking, I’ve been lucky that the things I try usually work out well. Maybe not always as planned but we have alot of fun.

This Easter was no different. I had my crafts bookmarked. New egg dye ideas were found on Pinterest. I read up on all the local egg hunts and picked the best one to attend.
Then, failure hit. Big time.

Easter FAIL from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)