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How I got my 4 year old to Quit Fighting Me

Let me preface this post by saying, I’m not about blind obedience. I *LOVE* that my son questions authority! Did you ever notice that most of the founding fathers qualify for ODD? With the right guidance, a stubborn, opinionated child can become an adult with convictions and passions. So on that note, I want my son to argue his heart out when we debate who is the best superhero. I hope he dazzles me with his persuasive skills when he argues for a later bedtime. But there are just some things that aren’t worth fighting over! Things like brushing his hair, getting his shoes on. Daily routines.

I finally found a way to not only get my son to stop arguing with me, but to get him excited to do the mudane everyday tasks he used to fight: picture charts.

How I got my 4 year old to Quit Fighting Me. from Suzy Homeschooler  (1) (more…)

Kid Spaces: Art Studio

Kids Art Studio (converted bathroom) from Suzy Homeschooler (3)

Last year our family had to move from the UK to the US and, in moving, we had to downsize. The Homeschoolers went from a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a garage and fenced-in back yard to our current 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. The days of painting in the back yard were over; we had to find ways to make art fit into our tiny new home. While it might be unorthodox, we converted our second bathroom into a small studio for the children. Being a family of 4 (one of whom is still in diapers), we never had 2 bathrooms before and didn’t feel we¬†needed 2 bathrooms now so we thought, “why not make better use of that second bathroom?” (more…)