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#IAmAParent Take the Pledge

I’ve written several times in the past on my stance in the so-called “Mommy Wars.”

To put it plainly, I believe in supporting Moms.
Regardless of if their parenting techniques and methods are in line with my own.
Because there is no one right way to raise a child and we are all just trying to do our best.

So when I read about The Parent Commandment: Respect Thy Fellow Parent over at Playground Parkbench, I knew I wanted to take the pledge.




A lot of geeks are really into Disney. So much so that Disney mash-ups are one of the most popular areas of focus in geek art. But even without the mash-ups, Disney is a strong stand-alone fandom.

I’m not against Disney, there are a lot of Disney movies that I love. (Like Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh.)
And a lot that I just didn’t enjoy nor appreciate my children watching. (Like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.)

To be honest, I never really could get into some of the stories, mostly the princess stories.

P is for Princess (1)



When we think of superheroes we often think of their powers, their gifts, what makes them super. We don’t often think about the adversity that many superheroes face. However, some superheroes can be an excellent catalyst to discuss difficult topics such as race and prejudice. One such superhero is X-Men’s Nightcrawler.

N is for Nightcrawler  (more…)


As the mother of both a boy and a girl, I find that I walk a fine line in our society. I disagree with the emasculation of boys and find it ridiculous how so many boys are not permitted to play in ways that come naturally to them. I disagree with the sexualization of girls and find it dangerous how many girls are encouraged to find self-worth in their appearances.

Both of my children are fans of Marvel, enjoying the comic books, movies, cartoons, costumes, and action figures of Spiderman, X-Men, and Avengers. Many of their favorite superheroes and villains haven’t been cast into the movies and they’ve both been known to school children twice their age about the Marvel universe. I take a lot of pride in their passion and encourage them in any way I can.

That said, sometimes I find myself struggling with the messages and themes in many comic books, cartoons, and movies. One character who is most obviously a struggle is Ironman.


Moms: We’re in This Together!

Moms, We are in this TOGETHER

I have beliefs about what is best for my family, and I stand by my parenting decisions even if they are different from yours.
But you will never hear me tell you that you are wrong for doing things differently than I do.
Telling other women how to parent their children isn’t something that I do, and its not something my friends do either.

Maybe I’m just lucky that I’ve met a lot of women who didn’t feel the need to argue over our differences of opinion. Or maybe my friends are all non-judgmental because I don’t tolerate people who try to tell me what I’m doing wrong when they haven’t been asked. In either case, I’ve seen a lot of real life examples of how moms can positively effect one another’s lives when they don’t let themselves get hung up on all the things they disagree on. (more…)

Homeschooling is Good for Public Education

Those who follow me on Facebook may have noticed that I recently shared a Wired article by Jason Tanz about techie homeschool families in Silicon Valley. While I didn’t agree with everything Mr. Tanz wrote, I appreciated the way his interviewees responded to questions about homeschooling. Much of the reasonings and rationale behind my decision to homeschool was similar to that of a mother featured in his article.

the worst argument against homeschooling 1

Today I read an article written in response to that first article I shared on Facebook. Coincidentally, the response article was also published on Wired, this time by a Marcus Wohlsen. Mr. Wohlsen’s take on homeschooling is very simple, it boils down to this: homeschoolers are wrong for pulling their children out of the broken public school system rather than taking the time to try and fix the system for everyone’s children.


Raising Children of Addicts

In an ideal world, every child would have an equal chance at life. The ability to succeed or fail would be solely based on their own choices.

Unfortunately this is not the ideal world, and before we mothers even get the chance to nurture our children, nature will have its say.
Genetic factors take a toll on children in ways they can not possibly understand, and this is even more so true for children of addicts.

Raising Children of Addicts

My husband is an addict. He is also the father of my two children. Because of this I’ve had to be very conscious and careful in how I raise them. (more…)

My Husband is an Addict

I write this with tears streaming down my cheeks and a deep, literal pain in my chest.

When people talk about having their hearts broken, you never think of it as a real pain, a physical pain. Until 3 years ago, I never knew heartache could literally ache. But I digress.

My husband is an addict. Or more specifically, my husband has an addictive personality.

Sometimes it manifests itself in excess tv and excess junk food. Sometimes it manifests itself in excess spending and excess drinking. Sometimes it manifests itself in porn and drugs.
All of these behaviors are dangerous. All of them have hurt our family, hurt me and hurt our children.
Some of these behaviors are illegal, which is even scarier.

My Husband the Addict

I didn’t know my husband was an addict when I married him 7 years ago. (more…)