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How to Put Together a FULLY AWESOME Sandcastle Kit on a Budget

What is educational about sandcastles?
Beyond the fact that it is connecting with nature and engaging the senses, I love to use building a sandcastle as a chance to review medieval history. While building our sandcastles, we talk about the structures and their purposes such as the arrowslits, moat, and towers. Plus, working together on a larger shared plan is great for practicing cooperation and compromising.

When you get a group of homeschoolers together to build sandcastles, you want to do it up big, to give them a lot to work with and a good conversation starter about castles.

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How to Train Your Dragon Sensory Bin

LittleMan asked me to put together a fan club for his favorite book series, How to Train Your Dragon.
I designed many games and activities for the club, but I knew it was inevitable that we would have some of our members who would want a more open-ended activity.

How to Train Your Dragon Low Mess Sensory Bin (1)

A sensory bin seemed like a sensible option, since it can entertain children of varying ages. I was concerned that most sensory bins can be a bit messy, and we were renting a library room to host our fan club. So I had to make sure that the sensory bin materials were easily cleaned up and low mess. (more…)

Messy Playdate 2015: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Messy Playdates are a bit of a family tradition for us. This is our fourth year hosting a messy playdate, our second year having a theme, and our first year inviting EVERYONE in our local homeschool group to attend.

If you’d like to read about our previous messy playdates you can do so here (2014)here (2013), and here (2012).

The concept is pretty simple: keep things open ended, let the kids get creative, explore with materials that appeal to all 5 senses, have fun, and get messy.

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Kinetic Sand Bricks and Discount Code for an Awesome Book

A few months ago my children were given some kinetic sand for their birthdays. The texture of this stuff was fantastic, it was just like sand except it held shape and it was far easier to clean up. I immediately fell in love with kinetic sand, but still had no idea how to play with it.

So when I had the opportunity to read a book titled “35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids” (by Dyan Robson) I was excited.

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The Perfect Sandbox Mix

What would an outdoor play space be if it didn’t have a sandbox?

We’ve had our share of sandbox phases throughout the years. When LittleMan was just an infant, not quite old enough to be trusted not to eat a handful of sand, we filled his paddling pool with colored rice and construction vehicles. After that we moved on to a small sensory bin of plain sand. Then a sensory bin of plain sand and water. As he gets older though, he has more of an interest in designing sand castles and digging elaborate tunnels. These activities require just the right sand mix so they don’t crumble apart.

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