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Two Sensory Play Activities for Monster Theme Week

This past week was a light week in our homeschool. With visitors from out of town, we knew how over excited and distracted both of the children would be so we tried to stick with review and play based activities.
Halloween being just around the corner, monster theme worked out well for a nice light week. Frankenstein, mummies, vampires, zombies, and even some Monsters Inc variety of monsters were read about and made into play-based learning fun.

The two big sensory activities that were available throughout the week were our eye-ball goo bag and our monster sensory bin.

The eye-ball goo bag is quite literally just a gallon sized Ziploc baggie filled 1/3 full with dish soap, googly eyes, and pom poms then sealed shut with clear packaging tape and mounted into our front window.
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Edible Witches’ Brew

Normally when we do a witches’ brew activity it involves kitchen science, the classic vinegar and baking soda for a nice bubbly effect. When we do that, plastic creepy crawlies are usually involved. This year I wanted to go a different direction and use only materials that are edible.
Edible Witches Brew Sensory Activity

Bee Themed Salt Tray in Action

For those who missed yesterday’s post, you can read all about our sight word bees, the fun game we play with them, and how they inspired this salt tray here (click).

I won’t bore you all with a narrative on how the salt tray was used but suffice it to say, LittleMan enjoyed it in multiple ways. I’ll share just a few action shots of his play and work below.

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Dog Theme Week Sensory Play and a Field Trip

It is dog theme week and we are having a ton of fun. Our current situation does not allow for us to have a dog, but LittleMan has been telling us for months what color and size dog he wants when we are able to get one. He even has a name picked out. We are all looking forward to the day that we will be ready and able to welcome a canine family member in, until then we are taking dog theme week as an opportunity to teach LittleMan some of the basics about dogs and their care.

When I got pregnant with LittleMan, and for several years before then, I was actually working as a dog groomer as well as being in school to become a vet tech. Being a stay at home mom was something we had agreed on before Marmaduke and I got married, so even though LittleMan’s conception came a couple years earlier than we were expecting, I put aside my career plans to focus on our growing family. I still miss my clients from time to time. Being a dog groomer was a lot of fun (and it paid pretty good too).
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More Discovery Bottles

Awhile back I posted about the discovery bottles we had on our shelves. Well, after a year of the same bottles, SunnyGirl was starting to loose interest in them. I had for quite some time meant to make new ones but just never got around to it. That is, until I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Fun at Home with Kids, call for Discovery Bottles on her Facebook page. That was just the kick I needed to finally make some new bottles. Here’s what I came up with: (more…)

Playing with Light

Last November I read about light tables on Caution: Twins at Play and I immediately wanted to make one. Unfortunately we had recently downsized and I couldn’t afford the space for a large light-play fixture so I had to settle for something smaller. I made this for my children back in December:
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