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What is the Point of a Sensory Bin?

I’ve written about sensory bins a great deal on this blog. My post Sensory Bin 101 explains the “how” in detail, but barely touches on the “why.”
Sure, sensory bins are fantastic for fine motor practice. They can be an excellent means of introducing or reviewing a specific subject, such as butterflies or kangaroos. A sensory bin can be a wonderful way to bring a book to life for a child. If you are an imaginative person then making sensory bins for your children can be a fun creative outlet, as it is for my husband and I.
Sensory bins are also a means of getting all the benefits of sensory play (language development, concentration, confidence, etc..) without having to clean up a huge mess! Because the aspects of the play are generally confined to the bin, clean up is a breeze!
But what it all boils down to, at least in my opinion, is that a sensory bin is a safe and easy way to supplement open-ended play and sensory exploration into your child’s life- two things which children in this day are especially lacking.

What is the point of a Sensory Bin