Chewbacca has become a pop culture icon in recent years. The subject of many great costumes, toys, and debates. Even among my own friends, someone will occasionally “speak Wookie” in an attempt to get a chuckle from the others (and its not always me!). If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed that even my puppy has a Chewbacca winter coat.

C is for Chewbacca 

Once in a while I love to have a bit of fun with food, but despite my best efforts I’m not terribly good at making the themed lunches and snacks. Thankfully there are several great resources out there for people like me to learn how to carve a lightsaber out of a carrot (for example). This Chewbacca lunch is something I re-created based off a lunch I saw at Lunchbox Dad. His site is full super easy fun food ideas for the n00bs like me, and he’s even got a book you can add to your kitchen cookbook list.

C is for Chewbacca (1)

To go with our themed lunch, SunnyGirl and I made some Chewbacca footprint art.
To make this all you need is some brown paint, paper, a brown sharpie, white paint, and toothpick or other small pointy object. For paint I love to use Crayola washable paint. If you get the classic color set then they have both the brown and white paint we used for this project.
First paint the bottom of your child’s foot. This can be done by either applying paint to their foot with a paint brush (which can make them rather ticklish) or by spreading paint on a paper plate and dipping their foot into it (which avoids the tickle issue but can be a bit wasteful if you’re not doing multiple brown paint projects at the same time).
Now press the child’s foot firmly onto the paper making sure not to wiggle but still pressing each part of the foot down at a time.
C is for Chewbacca (2)
Once the brown footprint is dry, get out your brown sharpie and add some features. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. I opted for simple but you could easily add some fur wisps and other details.
C is for Chewbacca (4)
Now take your toothpick and dip it into your white paint. Draw small white lines along his bandolier.
C is for Chewbacca (5)
And viola you’re done!

If you’re interested in other Star Wars hand/foot print art then be sure to check our our Yoda and ATAT art tutorials.

If you’re looking for a fluffy little wookie to call your own, then this guy has 5 star reviews on Amazon.

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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