Child-Directed Arctic Small World Play

Last week I took LittleMan and SunnyGirl to an indoor playground and we just happen to have ordered some crackers which were served to us in a Styrofoam bowl. At home the next day, LittleMan commented that the bowl looked an awful lot like a snow-cave and went off to grab his polar bear toy. Soon he enlisted my help by asking me to make some more ice for the polar bear’s home.
Child-Directed Artic Small World Play (1)
Under his direction I found myself grabbing the old bubble wrap we were saving and a couple new blue pipe cleaners from the craft stash.
I used blue marker to scribble a lake onto a sheet of paper, then I duct-taped the bubble wrap to that paper. I cut out the excess bubble wrap into squares and scattered them on top along with some cut-up pieces of pipe cleaner.
Child-Directed Artic Small World Play (2)
While I did most of the actual construction, LittleMan directed what he materials wanted used and how he wanted it to look. When everything was all said and done we played with toy animals and talked about the differences between warm blooded animals like polar bears and cold blooded animals like snakes.
Child-Directed Artic Small World Play (5)
This wasn’t a planned activity however I think LittleMan got a lot out of it. At the very least, by following his cues we found ourselves having an educational discussion outside of typical homeschool hours. Besides that it was just an easy and fun small world set up.

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  1. Jen Ro says:

    That’s awesome!! We just had a similar experience creating cars/trucks out of cardboard boxes!

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