Christmas Camp Out

LittleMan had been begging me for almost a year to have his first sleep over but I was stead-fast in my stance that he was too young. Earlier this month I wanted to invite one of his little buddies to come see the Christmas lights with our family and it seemed like, if we were going to have him that close to bed time, we might as well keep him over night and give his parents a chance to sleep in the next day. And so with that reasoning, I finally caved and let LittleMan have his first sleep over.

Since we were going to see the lights, it only made sense to make it a themed sleep over: A Christmas Camp-Out.

Christmas Campout (1)

The weather was far too cold to actually camp outside so I set up our tent in LittleMan’s bedroom and put a couple sleeping bags inside for the boys. Then I decorated the inside of the tent with a miniature tree and some plush Christmas characters (Santa, elves, snowman, reindeer). I also put in a small gift box filled with toy cars for the boys to play with after lights out. Some green balloons were the final touch.

Christmas Campout (2)

First we all piled into the car and drove over to Shawhaven Farm to see the Christmas lights. Michigan locals might want to check this place out, it was pretty cool! First we took a hayride around to see the light-display which is timed to music. After that we had some hot cocoa. Then we stopped by the animals to feed them and give the goats a good scratch behind the ears. Finally we ran through the maze. Three times. The adults in the group really loved the lights. While the children did enjoy the lights, they were more enamored with the animals and especially the maze.

Christmas Campout (4)

Home from the farm, we enjoyed some more hot cocoa, Christmas movies, and popcorn.

At bedtime we all cuddled up in the tent and read a stack of Christmas books before lights out. Of course, as anyone who has had a sleep over knows, the real fun happens after bedtime. We broke out the glow sticks and let the kids go wild.

Christmas Campout (6)

At one point they created this rather fun glow sculpture and hung it from the lantern hook in the tent to use as a night light.

Christmas Campout (8)

The next morning the kids woke up to an invitation to play featuring ceramic Christmas town houses and a wooden toy train. After breakfast we painted wrapping paper. Such a fun time!

Christmas Campout (5)

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