Christmas Tree and Advent 2013

You’re probably seeing a lot of Martha Stewart worthy Christmas trees making their rounds online with their beautiful homemade ornaments and their perfectly hung tinsel. If you came to my place, you’d see this.
Christmas Tree & Advent 2013 Suzy Homeschooler (1)
No, that picture isn’t upside down, we hang our tree from the ceiling.
We’ve done it that way for a few years now. Many people find it odd but having a tree suspended from the ceiling is perfect for us. We originally started doing it because the cat kept knocking over the tree. Now the cat doesn’t pay any attention to the tree. It has also been a wonderful space-saver since we have downsized. Because it hangs from the the ceiling, it takes up literally no floor space, ideal for a small apartment like ours.

We change the ornaments up every few years. We do have store bought ornaments we use from time to time. We used them last year.
Christmas Tree 2012 Suzy Homeschooler
(Our tree last year with store bought ornaments.)

But sometimes we like to make our own and when we go with the homemade ornament route we go simple.
Christmas Tree & Advent 2013 Suzy Homeschooler (2)
This year we made paper ornaments out of an old comic book that SunnyGirl had ripped. It wasn’t a huge loss since that comic was purchased for 25c from the comic book shop and had been read several times before it got ripped. Thankfully we keep the more expensive comic books out of her reach.
Christmas Tree & Advent 2013 Suzy Homeschooler (3)
The ornaments were made using two tutorials. The first can be found at Red Ted Art the second can be found at Things to Make and Do. We also made some classic paper airplanes out of blue cardstock and hung those on the tree as well at the request of LittleMan.

Besides Christmas trees, you’re probably also seeing a ton of complicated advent calendars with all these activities. We do an advent of sorts for Halloween but there is already so much to do around Christmas time, what with cleaning and cooking and lessons and wrapping presents and…well we wanted a simpler advent this year.
Christmas Tree & Advent 2013 Suzy Homeschooler (4)
Glittering Muffins is offering this awesome free printable for 24 ways to say “Merry Christmas.” They used red and green paint to make theirs but LittleMan again choose blue. We just pull a popsicle stick each day and read a different way of wishing holiday greetings in a foreign land.

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3 Comments to Christmas Tree and Advent 2013

  1. Tell Little Man I think they look awesome in blue 🙂
    Thanks for linking back & glad you like it!

  2. danielle says:

    ha! I have never seen that before! It would be a space saver I suppose. I think ours is a bit too big to hang.

    • suzyhomeschooler says:

      Ours is a rather pitiful 3or4 foot artificial tree but I have seen a 6 foot real tree displayed this way at a B&B a few years ago and it was gorgeous. Special equipment was required to hang it, of course, but the effect was dazzling.

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