Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play

These days, times are tough and money is tight for most people. Despite this, many families still spend a lot of dough to give their children playful opportunities to learn, but you don’t have to! This activity was hours of fun for SunnyGirl, prompted some great learning through play and conversation, and best of all it was completely FREE.
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (4)All you need is a plot of land that is infested with dandelions. For many of us that means our yard or the yard of a friend or family member, although you could probably also find this at the local park or playground.
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (1)
Once you’ve found your source of dandelions, get to picking. This is great fine motor fun for the little ones!
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (2)
While we picked, we talked about the colors (yellow and green), we counted the dandelions as we plucked them from the ground (try putting them into groups of ten as you pick them and then practice skip counting later on), and we pointed out all the reasons that the dandelion plants were thriving in this yard (plenty of sun, rain, etc..).
We happened to have our tortoise out with us and talked a bit about which plants in the yard he enjoyed eating and whether or not dandelions were safe for him to eat (they are!).
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (3)
Once we gathered a large number of dandelions, we separated them from the stems (more fine motor exercise) and filled a sensory bin with the flower heads. Then we added some tools from the kitchen- measuring cups and large spoons.
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (5)
SunnyGirl played for a bit with the flowers this way and then she requested some water, which is when the soup really got good! Plenty of scooping, pouring, pretend eating and the like!
Dandelion Soup Sensory Bin Play (6)
This concept could easily be applied to all sorts of objects found for free in nature: acorns, pine needles, twigs, leaves, cut grass, wild berries- the list is endless!

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  1. This is my favorite kind of sensory play – with nature!

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