I can’t speak for every geekling, but I know my own two both went through phases where they wanted to be paleontologists. I can’t blame them, dinosaurs are such a fun topic to learn about with a lot of opportunity for hands-on play.

D is for Dinosaur 

Even though LittleMan knows dozens of dinosaurs by name and can recite their stats at the drop of a hat, we find that books meant for preschoolers are a little less intimidating for our reluctant reader and they help to build up his confidence.

D is for Dinosaur (1)

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That book series is excellent for reluctant 1st grade readers like LittleMan. I especially love that in Oh, Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? the big dinosaur names are broken up into smaller, easy to sound out, parts of speech. It feels really great for him to tackle a big word like Stegosaurus.

D is for Dinosaur (2)

This is a quick activity we put together with a glow in the dark 3D dinosaur puzzle we found at Dollar Tree and some play sand we happened to have on hand.

D is for Dinosaur (3)

Just pour about 2-3 inches of sand into a plastic bin. Then punch out the various pieces of the puzzle from their packaging.

D is for Dinosaur (4)

Bury some of the pieces  in the sand, leave some on top where they are easy to spot.

D is for Dinosaur (5)

Consider including a small paint brush for brushing the sand off the bones.

D is for Dinosaur (6)

Once you find all the pieces, attempt to assemble the puzzle. Super Glue may be necessary.

D is for Dinosaur (7)

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