DIY Avenger’s Tea Set

SunnyGirl’s second birthday is coming up this week and it is a tradition in our family to give at least one homemade gift for each special occasion.
These past few months she has enjoyed using our ceramic tea set quite a bit and we’ve noticed that she is on a bit of an Avengers kick in recent days (especially Hulk, who seems to be her favorite) so we decided to combine these two interests of hers and create an Avengers Tea Set.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler Collage
To start with I purchased a miniature tea set (similar to this) from Micheal’s Craft Supplies on clearance for $5. (Quarter pictured for size reference.)
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler
Using Sharpie marker I designed the tea set free hand with each piece of the set being inspired by a different character. The four cups and saucers are Ironman, Thor, Captain America, and of course Hulk. The creamer is Black Widow. The sugar is Hawkeye. I debated making the tea pot Nick Fury but in the end went with the basic Avenger’s “A.” There was also a large platter for the tea set to rest on, LittleMan designed this piece for me.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler2
Once everything had been colored, we put it into the oven to bake at 350F for 1 hour. This supposedly makes the Sharpie design “dish washer safe” but I’ve heard mixed reviews from other people who have done similar projects. Since we do not plan on putting these items in the dishwasher, or even using anything in them other than the ocassional plain water, I am not concerned about this. If you’re doing a project that you want to be able to safely wash then I suggest reading several tutorials and perhaps using some sort of sealing spray before baking.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler4
All things said and done, I thought the set turned out pretty well and I’m excited to have SunnyGirl unwrap it on her big day.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler3

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