DIY Color Matching Sea Shell Game

Here’s a fun DIY game that can fit in your purse or diaper bag for on the go. If you happen to live near a beach, then you could collect some shells and make this game for free. Otherwise, if you find yourself land-locked as I do, you can purchase affordable sea shells¬†online or at your nearest hobby shop.
Color Matching Sea Shells Game (4)
Making the game is super easy, just get an even number of shells, then color their insides in pairs with a Sharpie marker.
Color Matching Sea Shells Game (1)
It is worth while to note that if your shells are very thin, the color will show through the back (though if your child is very young, as SunnyGirl is, then they won’t much mind).
Color Matching Sea Shells Game (2)
The game is pretty easy to play, simply place all the shells color-side down then take turns turning two shells over at a time. If the shells you turn over are the same color then you get to keep them, if not turn them back over and leave them where they are. The game ends when all the shells have been paired and the winner is the person who has the most shell pairs.
Color Matching Sea Shells Game (3)
Alternatively, these can also be used to decorate a sandcastle.



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