DIY Gross Motor Climbing Structure

My children, like many others, love climbing trees.
For that reason and more, I made it a priority to find a house that had a large backyard with lots of trees.

Unfortunately, while I found a number of wonderful homes, very few of them had trees.
And those which did have trees, didn’t have good climbing trees.

So I had to find another way to give my little thrill seekers the height they so craved.

DIY Gross Motor Climbing Structure (2)

Using a length of rope, some 2x4s cut into 2 foot pieces, and more than a handful of 4 inch nails, I created a place in the yard between two trees where the children could climb up about 5 feet off the ground and shimmy their way across to the other tree to climb down.

DIY Gross Motor Climbing Structure (4)

There isn’t a whole lot of instruction to this idea. You kind of have to alter it to fit your own space as needed.

Generally speaking I would suggest a few things. First of all, make sure the wood is sturdy, not rotted or weak. Secondly, check the label on the rope that you purchase to be sure it can handle the weight limit of what you are using it for. If you aren’t sure how to do that then ask the employees at the hardware store to help you. Thirdly, be sure to secure everything to the trees as solidly as you can. I tied the ropes around each tree twice and then hammered several nails straight through the rope into the tree, just to be sure.

DIY Gross Motor Climbing Structure (3)

Keep in mind the weight and number of the children who will be using this climbing structure. My children weigh between 35-45 lb each, however they have friends who come over who are twice their size. While I have made a rule that only one child can be on the climbing structure at a time, I can’t guarantee that they won’t try to sneak up there two or three at a time if I’m distracted for the moment. I made sure that our climbing structure was secure by having a 200 lb adult test it for me; I recommend my readers do the same before allowing their children to play with it.

DIY Gross Motor Climbing Structure (1)

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