DIY Montessori Movable Alphabet Round-Up

One thing I hate about the Montessori method is how easy it can be for a person to focus on the beautiful yet expensive materials. Many times when reading Montessori blogs and once when reading a Montessori e-book (none of which I will name because I refuse to bad-mouth someone for having a differing opinion than myself), I read about how the Montessori method hinges on the proper equipment. These classroom tools can be pricey individually and when you add them all up the costs become impossible for most homeschoolers. Some people will claim that the Montessori method is only for the “cream of the crop,” not suitable for every family nor every child.

Which brings me to the thing I love most about the Montessori method: it *IS* for everyone. Seriously, I have never met a child who wouldn’t benefit from at least some Montessori inspired activities. Even those who don’t have a strictly Montessori education (we sure don’t, we are an eclectic homeschool) could still benefit from some Montessori work.
And thankfully, it does *NOT* have to cost an arm and a leg to offer your children these activities. I’ve talked to many moms online who have bought materials second-hand or joined a lending library to rent materials at low-cost. Besides that there are whole websites dedicated to DIY Montessori materials! Some projects would take a bit of craftiness but others would be easy for anyone to make.

One tool that we use in our homeschool classroom almost daily is our movable alphabet. It is used in both the traditional Montessori way as well in various fun activities we come up with on the fly.
DIY Movable Alphabet Round-Up, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
I purchased a craft supply box for about $7, alphabet stickers for $1, and 4 bags of glittery chipboard letters (two bags red, two bags blue) on sale 80% off making the grand total for our movable alphabet just under $15.
DIY Movable Alphabet Round-Up, Suzy Homeschooler (2)
This was about 1/3 the cost of the wooden movable alphabets I had been looking at purchasing online, however I’ve seen some (and will link up below) several even more affordable options.

And if you can’t find or can’t afford a suitable divided storage container, do not despair, there are DIY alternatives for that as well.

  • Use egg cartons.
  • Use ice cube trays.
  • Use a shoe box and make compartments inside out of notched cardboard strips.
  • Use labeled Ziploc baggies.
  • Use cupcake baking pans.
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