DIY Mud Kitchen

Last year we built a mud kitchen for our children and it was wholly popular among our children and their friends. Lots of big time messy play went down at that mud kitchen. While we loved our old mud kitchen, it wasn’t very easy on the eyes. This year we decided to revamp the idea; build a new, more visually appealing mud kitchen.

DIY Mud Kitchen (1) 

Supplies we used were one 2 foot by 4 foot piece of plywood from Home Depot, two light weight fence posts, two plastic crates, part of a PVC shelving unit, various kitchen supplies from Dollar Tree, and a couple spice racks from our local Goodwill thrift store.

We had the employees at Home Depot cut the plywood into two pieces, one 2 foot by 3 foot and the other 2 foot by 1 foot.

When we got home I painted both pieces with some mint green paint we had on hand and I sealed them from the weather.

Then I zip-tied the two milk crates to each other and mounted them to the bottom of the larger plywood piece. I filled the plastic crates with various Dollar Tree kitchen supplies such as plates, bowls, cups, strainers, etc..

DIY Mud Kitchen (6)

I then laid the smaller plywood piece over the milk crates and mounted it to the larger plywood piece as well to create a sort of counter space to work at.

On the back of the larger plywood piece, I mounted one of the second hand spice racks.

DIY Mud Kitchen (2)

The wooden spice rack is not meant to be outside so I gave it a couple coats of sealant to help it last a little longer against the elements.

DIY Mud Kitchen (3)

Then I drove two light weight fence posts into the ground on either side of the spice rack and also attached those to the back of the large plywood piece. I tied one end of a 3 foot length of clothesline to the top of each fence post and hung shower curtain links as hooks for measuring cups and other such kitchen utensils.

DIY Mud Kitchen (7)

Next to all of this I used the PVC shelving piece as a small table. On top of that table I placed a 2.5 gallon water jug with a spout and secured it in place with a bungee cord.

DIY Mud Kitchen (5)

Behind the water jug I placed the other second hand spice rack and filled it with various kitchen supplies such as whisks, spoons, and potato mashers.

DIY Mud Kitchen (4)

The mud kitchen has been not only a great place for open-ended sensory exploration and pretend play, but has also be a wonderful resource for hands-on child-led math lessons. The measuring cups especially have been helpful in encouraging LittleMan’s knowledge of basic fractions.

Our mud kitchen has been up and running about a month now and so far it seems to be handling the rain and wind just fine. I recommend using mostly heavy duty plastic or non-rusting metal in a mud kitchen as they will last longer than wood. If you choose to include wood in your mud kitchen, be sure to seal it properly against water damage.

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