Dr Seuss Birthday Party

Its that time of year again, the time in which children across the globe celebrate the birthday of a beloved author, the man who took children’s books out of the Dick and Jane era and taught children to love to read with his utterly wonderful nonsense. Unfortunately for Dr Seuss, this is a VERY busy time of the year for our family. Both of our children have birthdays within two weeks of March 2. That means a shopping spree at Build-A-Bear for SunnyGirl’s first birthday, and a tour of our local fire station for LittleMan’s four birthday. But wait, I’m not done yet! This year was extra busy what with the circus being in town, my having enrolled in online college courses, and us still unpacking from our recent move. Needless to say, we had very little time to celebrate with the rest of the world this year. I did manage to throw together a couple themed muffin tin snacks but nothing great.

However, last year we did have a pretty awesome Dr Seuss themed party to celebrate LittleMan’s 3rd birthday and SunnyGirl’s entrance to the world.

It all started with the invitations, which were sent out before SunnyGirl was even born. The front read, “Thing One and Thing Two Welcome You to a Dr Seuss inspired event.” The inside read, “Thing One is turning three, Truncunculous boy. Thing Two has just come to be, A sweet girlie joy. Come join us for fun! Come join us for cake! What fun we will have! What fun we can make! Don’t bring your trinkets and don’t bring your money, We don’t need presents to have fun that is funny!” I can only take half-credit for the rhyming invitation, I had a bit of help from  user GingerSnap on Scary Mommy.

Then there was the menu, which was basically just normal party food which I hung funny signs next to. “Thing One and Thing Two BBQ” translated to two slow-cookers, one with pulled chicken BBQ, the other with little wienies in BBQ sauce. “Big S, little s, Sammie sipping soda-pop, S, S, S” translated to our cherry coke cupcakes with little soda-pop gummies on top. “Hop on Popcorn Bar” translated to about a dozen bowls of different flavored popcorn. “Take Me to the Zoo Animal Crackers and Cake Batter Dip” is pretty self-explanatory.
My personal favorite was the pasta salad. I filled a wine glass with blue crepe paper and two paper beetles, then turned that wine glass upside down into a mixing bowl and balanced a toy poodle on the over-turned glass. Then I filled the mixing bowl with pasta salad around the wine glass. Above the bowl I hung a sign that said, “when beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles, and the bottles on a poodle, and the poodle’s eating noodles, they call this a  Muddle Puddle Tweetle Poodle Beetle Noodle Bottle Paddle Battle.”

Instead of party hats, we invited guests to pin a star onto their belly, like the Sneetches.

We kept the decorations pretty simple. We had quite a few Dr Seuss puzzles on hand, a couple of them very large, so we assembled the puzzles, taped the backs up so the pieces would stick together, then hung them around the house.

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - hang puzzles as decor

We also hung streamers and some balloons. LittleMan helped out by making these fish in a bowl (which was a project I slightly altered from Roots and Wings Co):

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - child made 1fish2fish decor

Near the kids’ table I hung a sign that said, “Think of Red, Think of Blue.” On the kids’ table I left cups of crayons and various Dr Seuss coloring pages which I printed out for free from Seussville. Also from Seussville, I printed out small tic-tac-toe boards and mazes which I then laminated and set out on our mantel with dry erase markers. Near by I hung a sign that read, “I know lots of great games we can play.”

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - Tic Tac Toe Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - Dry Erase Mazes

Speaking of games, we had quite a few. There was Pin the Star on the Sneetch:

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - Pin the Star on the Sneetch

And Ring the Gack (which I made by altering the directions for this ring toss game at Be Different Act Normal):

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - Ring the Gack

And a Green Egg Toss Game where the kids throw felt eggs into Sam’s open mouth (an idea I came up with after I saw this Cookie Monster felt cookie toss game from Smile Like You Mean It):

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - Green Egg Toss

And lastly we had Hop on Pop-scotch, which was a hopscotch board made out of bubble wrap. (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this game!)

When it was time for the guests to bid us farewell, they each left with an “Oh the thinks you can think! kit,” which I was inspired to make after seeing these “invention kits” on Filth Wizard.

Dr Seuss Party from Suzy Homeschooler - oh the thinks you can think kit party favor

Our kits included crayons, a mini slinky, pipe cleaners, string, feathers, googly eyes, note cards, pencils, mini clothes pins, adhesive squares, modeling clay, crepe paper, rubber bands, glitter glue, foam stickers, buttons, pom poms, marbels, pennies, paper clips, and a few other odds and ends which I’m probably forgetting as its been a year since I assembled these bags.

All in all, it was a pretty fun party.

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