Duct Tape….and other weird crafts

Duct Tape.
ABCs Duct Tape (2)
If you’re a crafty geek then you are well acquainted with the stuff.
From Pokeball roses made out of duct tape to TARDIS I-pad covers made out of duct tape, we geeks seem to have taken the phrase “you can fix anything with duct tape” to a whole new level, now its “you can make anything with duct tape.”
And this fact has not gone unnoticed by the big cheeses at Duck Brand duct tape. They went from the original silver duct tape advertised mainly for its fix-it abilities to offering a wide range of colors and designs. Their website has a section specifically for duct tape craft and activity tutorials. Every year they hold a Stuck at Prom competition and geeky teens across the country participate by making their own formal attire entirely out of duct tape.

Compared to the *AMAZING* duct tape creations that can be found online, my duct tape projects are rather laughable. Like this one…
Duct Tape Costume
But still I try. I have a tendency to pick up a roll or two randomly, for no particular reason, because I find so many uses for it. Nearly everyday I am reaching for the duct tape with one purpose or another in mind….bind a homemade book, make a tiny flag for a walnut boat, frame a finger painting for the wall, make a house for LittleMan’s action figures, etc.. If you pay close attention I’m sure you’ll see duct tape in the background in many of my posts, holding together a lapbook or as decor in our art studio.


If you’re new to duct tape, then you might wonder how people create with it without getting it stuck everywhere. The answer is simple: duct tape cloth.
Duct tape cloth is made by slightly over-lapping parallel strips of duct tape sticky-side up then placing a second layer of strips sticky-side down perpendicular from the first layer, like so…
ABCs Duct Tape (5)
Once the sticky sides are together the duct tape forms a durable material which can be used to create most anything.
Like a toddler-sized bag
ABCs Duct Tape (9)
Or a water-proof boat that can float little LEGO men around the bubble bath.
ABCs Duct Tape (18)
Are you a duct tape fiend?

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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4 Comments to Duct Tape….and other weird crafts

  1. I love that duct tape boat! My sister has a thing for duct tape, too; she can make wallets and even roses!

  2. PlayDrMom says:

    GREAT idea for a round-up! I LOVE Duct Tape too!!!

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