Duct Tape Rainbow Pinwheels

Pinwheels, besides being colorful and fun, can also be a great way to draw young children’s attention to things like weather, wind, and air.
Making pinwheels out of duct tape is super easy. Older children might enjoy making a few for themselves and their siblings.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (1)

All the materials needed for this project is red duct tape, yellow duct tape, blue duct tape, 6 nails (I used 3 inch long), 12 pony beads, scissors, hammer, and a tree to secure the rainbow of pinwheels to.

To start out with lay 3 pieces of duct tape, about 6 inches long, sticky side up, slightly overlapping.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (2)

Then lay 3 more pieces of duct tape, in the opposite direction, sticky side down, slightly overlapping.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (3)

Then cut the duct tape sheet into a square.
Find the center of the square and poke a hole through it.
Then make cuts from each corner of the square towards the hole in the center of the square.
Poke holes in every other corner along the outside of the square.
You want all of the holes you poke to be slightly larger than the nails you’ll be using, this allows the pinwheel to spin.
See picture for reference.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (4)

Thread a nail through each of the four outer holes you’ve made, then through one of the pony beads.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (5)

Thread the nail through the center hole, and then through one more pony bead.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (6)

Finally hammer it into the tree.

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (7)

In order to make a rainbow of colors you’ll want to follow this pattern of duct tape colors:
front: red, back: red
front: red, back: yellow
front: yellow, back: yellow
front: yellow, back: blue
front: blue, back: blue
front: blue, back: red

Duct Tape Pinwheel Rainbow (8)

When the wind blows, the pinwheels with two primary colors will blend together to form the secondary colors of orange, green, and purple.


In case the above pictures were not clear enough, here is a video tutorial from YouTube user, SoCraftastic:

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