Easy DIY Bow and Arrow Set

It is sports theme week here in the Homeschooler household, and while I haven’t managed to get any pictures (yet) to post about sight word ball and subtraction bowling, I thought I’d post about a little sporty craft we did last month: PVC and dowel rod archery set.
This project is ridiculously easy, you do not need a crafty bone in your body to put it together. Also it is cheap. We’re talking you can make three of these for under $10 cheap. Great craft for a playdate.

I read several online tutorials before we made ours, the tutorial I found with the best pictures is over at SkipToMyLou, so if you are interested in making your own be sure to check out her instructional photos.

Easy DIY Bow and Arrow set from Suzy Homeschooler (1)
You’ll notice my set has some differences from theirs, it works well for us.

We started with a 1/2 inch pvc pipe, lucky for us the hardware store had them pre-cut to about the length we needed!
I wrapped the entire pipe in blue duct tape then cut a notch on each end to hold the string. Cut, knotted, and slid the string into the notches (with the aid of Marmaduke). You may notice our pipe isn’t bent. I’ve seen some tutorials where they are bent, some where they aren’t, both ways seem to shoot just fine.
Once the string was in place I added a strip of tie-dyed duct tape to both ends to secure it, then another strip to the middle to remind LittleMan where to keep his hand.

The arrows are made out of pencil-thick dowel rods I picked up a pack of 10 for a dollar at JoAnns. On one end we cut a notch for the string and added decorative duct tape feathering. On the other end we glued a pencil top eraser.

To hold the arrows, I fashioned a quiver out of an empty paper towel roll and some duct tape.
Just flatten one end of the paper towel roll and secure closed with duct tape. Then make a strap by placing two pieces of duct tape sticky-sides together. Tape the strap to the top of the paper towel roll.
I also wrote out LittleMan’s name on his quiver because we are in a name-writing phase in our home. Everything has someone’s name written on it just for the sake of name recognition and practice.

Finally, whats the point of having a bow and arrow set if you have nothing to shoot at? We made our target by filling an old empty plastic jar with heavy rocks to weight it down. Then for no other reason than we wanted it to match the rest of the set, we covered it in blue duct tape and used clear packaging tape to secure a bulls-eye to the front.

Easy DIY Bow and Arrow set from Suzy Homeschooler (2)
Its not perfect, but LittleMan seems to love it.

Remember, SkipToMyLou has a lovely picture tutorial if you want to make this.
Other sites with great tutorials include:
Craft InterruptedYou Craft Me Up,and ImALazyMom
This is such an easy craft, anyone could make it, but if you really aren’t comfortable (or just don’t have the time) to make it yourself then simply search for “pvc bow and arrow” on Etsy and you will find plenty of options for purchase.

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